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Ramadan Kareem 2022: Here’s what you need to know


Ramadan Mubarak is a translation of the Arabic word that means ‘blessed.’ Hence, the phrase translates to ‘blessed Ramadan’ which is a very heartwarming way of greeting brothers, sisters, families, and friends during the holy month. People shake hands and offer boxes of sweets to commemorate the occasion.

However, the other phrase Ramadan Kareem is not commonly used. It translates to ‘generous Ramadan’.

What is the first day of fasting 2022?

Friday April 01, 2022, Ramadan 2022 fasting will commence on Saturday April 02, 2022 in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other Arab states and Middle East countries. If the crescent moon is not sighted in the Kingdom today, the Islamic holy month will start on Sunday April 03, 2022.

When Ramadan start in Saudi Arabia?

April 2

Riyadh: The moon sighting committee of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia announced on Friday that the first fast of the month of Ramzan will be on Saturday, April 2, while Taraweeh will begin on April 1, after Isha prayers, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported

Has the moon been sighted for Ramadan in Saudi Arabia?

Ramadan moon sighted in Saudi Arabia, holy month begins on Saturday. The Ramadan crescent moon was sighted in Saudi Arabia on Friday evening, meaning the holy month will officially begin on Saturday, according to an official announcement from the Kingdom’s Supreme Court.

Where is Ramadan celebrated?

The Muslim communities in some countries with historical Persian influence, such as Azerbaijan, Iran, India, Pakistan and Turkey, use the word Ramazan or Ramzan.


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