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4 Reason Why LinkedIn Is Important For Your Professional Success


Importance of LinkedIn To Your Professional Success

Though many tend to give their LinkedIn profile only a simple afterthought. These people tend to think that LinkedIn doesn’t help them in finding their dream job and that it’s just another social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

But it is quite the opposite. LinkedIn offers plenty of opportunities for those on the job market, helping them form connections, keep track of businesses and events, and even have the job-seeking done for them. Below are some of the main reasons why every job seeker should be on LinkedIn.

1. Job Recruiters and Managers are on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn will help you find a job faster because most hiring managers and recruiters are already using it. A whopping 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn to be the most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process – especially those under 45 (90%).Having an active and well put together LinkedIn profile will, thus, significantly increase the chances of your discovery by various companies looking to hire people based on your skills and experience.

In other words, potential employers will contact you if they think you will be a good fit for their organization, instead of you having to look at and contact each company actively. Also, 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision.

2. Your LinkedIn Profile Builds Trust and Credibility:

A well written LinkedIn profile will give you credibility and will establish you as a trustworthy potential employee. Every time a recruiter contacts you, you can be sure that they’ve looked at your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile will act as a validator in that you are a real person, and not someone who’s CV or resume is too good to be true.

3. Great Networking Opportunities:

LinkedIn also offers you an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. And the faster you start this networking, the better it will be down the line.Regardless of whether you currently are working, you can make use of your network of connections if you are looking for other employment.

To put it somewhat differently, you can look at this network as an emergency fund, which you can access whenever you have to.Further still, your connections will have their network and can be introduced to people from various companies you are looking to work for.

You can also look at your LinkedIn account as a digital Rolodex where you can add interesting people you’ve met months or even years ago.

 4. You will Keep Yourself Up-to-Date on Job Openings:

With a LinkedIn account, you will be able to continually keep an eye out for various job opportunities that will interest you. The overwhelming majority of companies will post any job openings that they may have, and you can keep track of these in real-time.


In short, having a LinkedIn profile will help you a great deal in landing your dream job. And the sooner you have it, the better it will be for your career.


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