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Multiple killer Robert Maudsley has spent more than 40 years in solitary confinement and has been dubbed Britain’s real ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’.

He is housed in a special underground cell at Wakefield Prison – dubbed Monster Mansion – and is one of the longest-serving prisoners in Britain. Maudsley, who is now 67, killed four men, three of them fellow prison inmates, and has been nicknamed ‘brain eater’ and ‘cannibal’ although there is no evidence he ever ate any of his victims.

Friends and family, however, have described him as gentle, kind and intelligent. He is reported to have a genius-level IQ and is said to love poetry, art, and classical music.

Here we take a look back on the bizarre and tragic life story of Maudsley, who one detective has described as a “really intelligent, clever guy”.

Robert Maudsley cell photos

Robert Maudsley cell photos
Robert Maudsley cell photos
Robert Maudsley cell photos

A Special Glass Cell Was Built To House Him

A Special Glass Cell Was Built To House Him

After the courts convicted Maudsley of murdering fellow inmates Bill Roberts and Salney Darwood, he returned to Wakefield Prison to serve his sentences in solitary confinement. In 1983, prison officials decided it was too dangerous for them to house Maudsley in an ordinary cell, so they built a special unit for the convicted killer in the prison’s basement.

Maudsley’s cell consists of two rooms, and it’s made primarily out of bulletproof Plexiglas, causing many to compare the special accommodations to the cage designed to house Hannibal Lecter in the movie The Silence of the Lambs. Maudsley’s cell only contains a concrete bed, sparse furniture made from compressed cardboard, and bolted-down bathroom fixtures. The unit itself, compared to Alcatraz, also houses cells for notorious criminals Charles Bronson and Reginald Wilson.

Who is Robert Maudsley?

Robert John Maudsley was born in Liverpool in 1953 but by the time he was six months old he, along with his two older brothers Kevin and Paul and sister Brenda, was placed into care in Nazareth House in Crosby, Liverpool due to their parents not being able to cope.

The Maudsley children spent nine years at the Roman Catholic-run centre being looked after by nuns.

Towards the end of those nine years the children’s parents George and Jean, who were then living in Toxteth, Liverpool with their fifth child (they were eventually to have seven more), got back in contact.

The three boys were subject to a torrent of abuse from their parents.

Chaotic life as a teenager

At the age of 16, Maudsley fled to London. He took drugs and twice tried to commit suicide.

He spent time at psychiatric units and told hospital staff he heard voices ordering him to kill his parents. The teenager became a sex worker in the capital to help fund his drug-taking.

Who is the current longest serving prisoner in the UK?

Robert Maudsley has been in solitary confinement in a glass cell since 1979 and is Britain’s longest serving prisoner, having been caged for 47 years for the murder of four men in the 1970s. He carried out his own wave of vigilante justice, even killing three of his victims while in prison.

What does Robert Maudsley do all day?

He remains in the cell for all but an hour daily. During his daily hour of exercise, he is escorted to the yard by six prison officers. He is not allowed contact with any other inmates.

Who is the most violent prisoner in the UK?

Charles Arthur Salvador (formerly Charles Ali Ahmed; born Michael Gordon Peterson on 6 December 1952), better known as Charles Bronson, is a British criminal who has been referred to in the British press as the “most violent prisoner in Britain” and “Britain’s most notorious prisoner”.

What did Robert Maudsley do with a spoon?

One prison officer who worked with him explained that Maudsley had, in fact, made a makeshift weapon by splitting a plastic spoon in half to create a rough pointed weapon. “He then killed his fellow Broadmoor inmate by ramming it into his victim’s ear, penetrating the brain.”

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