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Rossgram: What is Rossgram app, features, usage, review


Russian tech entrepreneurs are set to launch an Instagram-clone app to help fill the void left by Instagram, which the authorities blocked this week.

Russia recently banned meta-owned photo sharing app Instagram. The Roskomnadzor, Russia’s media regulator, implemented the ban on the platform earlier this week after a warning. The ban comes just after some days Russia declared Facebook a terrorist organisation

The new service, known as Rossgram, will launch on March 28. It’ll possess extra functions to make it better than Instagram such as crowdfunding and paid access for some content. According to a photo shared online, Rossgram’s colour scheme and layout will bear a strong lookalike to Instagram.

My partner Kirill Filimonov and our group of developers were already set for this turn of events and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to create a Russian analogue of a famous social media network beloved by our citizens,’ Alexander Zobov, the initiative’s public relations director, wrote on the VKontakte social network

Russia, which has already banned Facebook, has opened a criminal investigation against Meta and prosecutors asked a court to designate the US tech giant an ‘extremist organisation’. The case is due in court on Monday. Due to the photo shared by Zobov on Vkontakte, Rossgram’s colour scheme and layout will have a strong resemblance to Instagram. Meta did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Rossgram’s design.

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The launch of Rossgram is believed will be welcomed by many Russian influencers, who were distraught following the news of Instagram’s ban in Russia.


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