Scammer Payback (Pierogi) – his Wife, Net Worth and Personal Life!

You need a terrific gimmick these days if you want to succeed as a YouTuber. Starting with a solid name is essential, and Scammer Payback is a tough competitor.

Scammer Payback (Pierogi) - his Wife, Net Worth and Personal Life!

But he actually carries out Scammer Payback, so it’s not just a great moniker. You’re on the right track if you get the impression that he’s not exactly keen to do a complete reveal or bio because he also goes by the moniker “Pierogi.”


He portrays himself as a Robin Hood-style vigilante who defends victims who are the targets of numerous online scams.

He says he works in cybersecurity during the day before switching to his YouTube channel. where, according to whichever sources you believe, his 2.54 million admirers impatiently await the release of his movies and accounts of his exploits.


Scammer Payback (Pierogi) - his Wife, Net Worth and Personal Life!


Scammer Payback launched his YouTube channel in 2019 and is thought to be between the ages of 25 and 32. Given the scale of his enormous following, the fact that he sells merchandise and has over 600 Patreon supporters, his estimated net worth of $1 million seems reasonable.

So, how does he function? Actually, his formula is quite straightforward and adheres to the standard guidelines for what has come to be known as “scambaiting.”

The plan is to impersonate falling for a digital swindle, take over the scammer’s computer, and then sabotage, corrupt, or destroy all of his files while criticizing him for attempting to do the same to potential victims.

Scammer Payback (Pierogi) - his Wife, Net Worth and Personal Life!

Of course, he is not the first to do this. Over $24 million is stolen from seniors every year by con artists, and vigilante streamers like Kitboga and Jim Browning have gotten so good at their jobs that they now boast millions of channel members.

Pierogi distinguishes himself from other scammer baiters like Browning and Kitboga with his extravagant movies and eerie ambiance.

He goes way overboard with this, making it nearly impossible to learn anything about his family, education, day job, or anything else.

Scammer Payback (Pierogi) - his Wife, Net Worth and Personal Life!

However, he is undoubtedly present on social media. You name it, he’s there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Count on Scammer Bait to get involved in the activity if it involves social media and a following that can be made money.


The little information you can find regarding Pierogi’s past relates to his marriage. According to the infrequent images of the couple, he has been married for almost seven years to an attractive blonde who goes by the moniker Mrs. Pierogi and rolls her eyes when she speaks it.

Frank Sinatra and Mia, a couple of cats that they also own, haven’t yet faced off against any feline con artists.

Scammer Payback (Pierogi) - his Wife, Net Worth and Personal Life!

Payback scammer’s wife

However, he does try to assist the victims. When Pierogi has a chance, he will get in touch with them to notify them of what transpired and to provide them with instructions on how to perform the avoidance dance in the future.

In terms of entertainment, works hard to make sure his fans have some fun along the way. Vivian Rogers, Betty Reid, a doctor named Wilson Carter, Jean Smith, Mary Swanson, and Bertha Silverson are just a few of the aliases he uses to lure victims into his scams.

Although he hasn’t shown any signs of interest in pursuing a second profession as a female impersonator thus far, no one is really sure where his pranks may lead him.

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