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Selina Tested Cast (list of actors/actress of selina tested)


The movie”Selina Tested” no doubt has a lot of action. It’s not like the normal Nollywood action movie. Gone are those day where we see real action in Nollywood Movies. Thanks to Lightweight Entertainment that has brought some action filled movie series, Selina Tested, to our screen.

The movie displays violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more. Two little rascals, Aboy and Chiboy poses as the main characters of the movie with others revolving around them, conquering and rulling a little town called Holy Ground aka Ama. They grew up to meet a life survival, hence, you must be selina tested in order to survive every day.

Selina Tested Cast

They didn’t go to school and so they learnt the street life and all they learnt was how to survive the hard way by being selina tested, using gun also called “Kala” as their weapon of warfare.

The success of selina tested movie can’t be possible without a team up of great talented actors/actress. I’ll be listing the names of these actors/actresses and their real name.


Selina Tested Cast(actors and actresses)

Here is a list of selina tested actors and actresses and their real names.

  1. Aboy – Aye Otto : Read Biography Here
  2. Chiboy – Nd Patrick : Read Biography Here
  3. Tallest – Mc Prophet : Read Biography Here
  4. Odogwu – Manuchim Praize : Read Biography Here
  5. Sibi – Sibi Steve : Read Biography Here
  6. Belema – Gabriella Ogbonaya
  7. Smaller –
  8. R2 –
  9. Priest – Wisdom Isiguzo
  10. Asa
  11. Dera – Read Biography Here
  12. Chiboy sis/Baby sis
  13. Chizoram
  14. Macapeletus
  15. Nwayi Gborogu
  16. Mama Chiboy – Ifeoma Grace
  17. Striker – Nwamadi Kelechi
  18. Amoural – Gift Ogboji
  19. Boma – Felix Stephanie
  20. 001
  21. Spirit boy – Majority Ekwueme
  22. Herbalist – Velerie Oluchi
  23. Mimi – Mimi Nessa
  24. Fresh
  25. Orbu – Andrew O
  26. 11 – Dum boy
  27. Kobo – Mentor Prince
  28. Trigger – Dj Key
  29. Wonder boy – Read Biography Here
  30. Atunakpa
  31. Sibi mum
  32. Sibi uncle
  33. Sibi sis

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