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Selina Tested Full Movie Explained. Selina Tested movie is an action movie/story that was written by Manuchim Praize aka Odogwu and produced by Lightweight Entertainment. This action movie depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more.



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Selina Tested Episode 22

Alot of fans have been asking about Selina tested episode 22. Is Selina tested episode 22 out? Is Selina tested banned? We have all the answers to your questions below.

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• Is Selina tested movie banned? Selina tested movie has not been banned. The movie is still available for download. Lightweight entertainment are the official producers of the movie. You can subscribe to our blog so that we’ll give you all the legit intels about Selina tested. Ignore all rumors that the movie has been banned.

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What to expect from Selina Tested Episode 22

There’s so much action and Entertainment to be expected in selina tested episode 22. Having. Watched episode 21, you’ll know that big war has started and this time around, it’ll be bloody. As Sibi will always say “Make we nakana wetin no good for Holy ground” or he’ll say “Blood over stained.

•Sibi is now a gang leader in Up Land and wants to take over Holy Ground by force. He now commands the loyalty of Wonder boy, Amoural, Chief Priest, Tallest, amongst others. Sibi is now more selina tested than before. His rugedity is stronger now because he can become invisible at will.

In Selina Tested Episode 22, expect a serious clash between Odogwu, Aboy, and Chiboy against Sibi and his gang. Recall that Sibi shot Odogwu’s sister, Asa, and lots more persons. To crown his evil doings, Sibi has abducted Dera, Aboy’s girlfriend.

• Amoural has taken Chiboy’s baby sis away. Now, Odogwu, Aboy and Chiboy are all out against Sibi and his men. They have pursued them into their unit to revenge their loss, rescue Dera and baby sis and to nakana Sibi and his men.

• Smaller is now on the run because Sibi and Tallest are on the lookout for him because he knows more than he should know. Do you think Odogwu will. Accept him to join them?

• Belema is still in comma. We are expecting to see her in Episode 22. She was taken to Nwayi Gborogu(The healer) to heal her.

.Tell us what you think about our predictions. Drop a comment below.

Is selina tested episode 23 out? Selina tested episode 23 hasn’t been officially released. But as soon as episode 23 is out, we’ll update you. All you have to do is to subscribe to our blog because we always give out updates on Selina tested.

The movie Selina tested is no doubt one of the most trending Nigerian movie of 2021-2022. You can confirm that the movie has captured the attention of millions of Nigerians. They have gathered fans all over the country. Infact, lightweight entertainment went on a tour in 2021 to some of the states in Nigeria. They decided to reach out to their fans to give back the love their fans have showered on them.

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