Home Entertainment Shocking: Selina tested episodes 20 banned – See why

Shocking: Selina tested episodes 20 banned – See why

Selina Tested Movie

Selina tested episode 20 has been banned, why? That’s what alot of people have been asking. Today, we’ll be telling you the reason why episode 20 of Selina tested movie has been banned. But for more instant and legit updates, kindly subscribe to our blog or click on the notification bell below for latest legit intels.

Why is Selina Tested episode 20 banned? Selina tested episode 20 hasn’t been completely banned but will not be released anytime soon. This is because an individual or some group of greedy Nigerians have gone ahead to mass produce the movie without the consent of lightweight entertainment.

Selina tested movie has only been released on their official YouTube Channel and not on disk. But some evil and selfish Nigerians have gone ahead to pirate the movie, selling it for N300 and making money from someone’s sweat. This is bad.

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In a recent video released by lightweight entertainment, you’ll see aboy and chiboy furiously speaking against pirating their movie. The whole of lightweight entertainment are not happy about this. They spend over N300, 000 to produce a single episodes and haven’t seen much gain because they have been investing so much in their movies but someone has the ododo to produce the movie and be selling it for N300. Watch video below


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