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What is Selina Tested Movie About? Crew memeber, Profile and more

Selina Tested Movie

What is Selina Tested Movie About and why are Nigerians so obsessed about the movie?

Selina Tested movie is an action movie/story that was written and produced by Manuchim Praize aka Odogwu. This action movie depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more.

Two little rascals, Aboy and Chiboy poses as the main characters of the movie with others revolving around them, conquering and rulling a little town called Holy Ground aka Ama. They grew up to meet a life survival, hence, you must be selina tested in order to survive every day.

This article contains some informations about the producer himself, Manuchim Praize, how long the movie industry has been, Selina Tested Characters and their real names and how to contact them on social media, episodes of selina tested and photos. Just kindly read on.

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About The Producer of Selina Tested

Manuchim Praize popularly known as Odogwu is the writer and producer of the movie. He hails from Port Harcourt.

Here is a quick facts about him:

ProfessionFilm Producer
EducationStudied Computer Science and
also attended Nigerian Films Academy in 2011
Current locationPort Harcourt
State and LGA Ikwe Rivers State Nigeria
BrotherSolomon Imoh
SisterImoh Ritz
NicknameTee-Praize or Black lion
HobbiesAudio production, acting, filmmaking and listening to music
Skin colorChocolate brown

Selina Tested Full Movie

He is a very young talented Nigerian who has made impacts in the city of Port Harcourt and beyond. Imagine the whole Nigerians today watching the movie selina tested and infact, millions are waiting for more episodes. Spot him, tallest and the rest team members eating and drinking together:

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Lightweight Entertainment

Lightweight Entertainment is the name of the movie industry. It fully started producing comedy videos and movies in 2020. It’s over 2year now and has produced alot of videos.

It has also received an award from YouTube for hitting 100k subscribers. See video:

About Selina Tested Movie

As you’ve already seen from episode one to the latest episode, selina tested is an action movie, there’s so much violence scenes, it also has a lot of suspense too. Each episode makes the next episode more interesting. Infact the drama is full of so much entertainment.

Click To Watch Selina Tested Episode 15 Here

This action movie is depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more. Two little rascals, Aboy and Chiboy poses as the main characters of the movie with others revolving around them, conquering and rulling a little town called Holy Ground aka Ama.

Aboy and Chiboy

They grew up to meet a life survival, hence, you must be selina tested in order to survive every day. They didn’t go to school and all they learnt was how to survive the hard way by being selina tested, using gun also called “Kala” as their weapon of warfare.

The both of them are bonded together, more like to say ‘Twins.’ Currently they’re both on a mission to kill Sibi and his men, as well as anyone who wants to short live their reign as the Kings of Holy Ground.

Their number 1 enemy, Sibi, has become more stronger than them so therefore they have gone to top-up their selina to become stronger.

Together with Odogwu, They’re all on a journey to rescue their loved ones from the hands of evil and we wish them success in subsequent Episodes.

Selina Tested Full Movie

How their criminal life started

Their criminal life started when they met a Keke driver in episode one(titled: Young rascals) counting money and wised they could have money like him. The next day, Aboy saw a guy in the hood, hiding a gun in the bush, he hid himself, as soon the guy left the bush, he took the gun and went to inform Chiboy about it. They went to confront the Keke man, shot him on the leg and made away with his money. This was how they fully became criminals till they grew up.

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They grew up together as friends and became though Manchis(fortified men) they were feared by all and we’re bold to confront anyone in the town called Holy Ground.

Holy Ground has experienced so many tensions/heat, and it’ll take a serious collision of mighty men, selina tested and rugged men to say who the winner would be a last to rule the town. Due to the long lasting beef Sibi had for Chiboy, it led him to kill Chiboy’s mother. Chiboy on the other hand, revenged the killing of him mum by killing Sibi’s mum.

That has led to many killings and bloodshed in Holy Ground.

Aboy on the other hand is not safe because his very own uncle is after his life over a little piece of land left for him by his father.

The movie series indeed is a full packaged story, such that you’ll not want to miss any episode. The current episode as at the time of updating this article is Episode 25.

Tallest aka task collector (Oye mme me)

Tallest aka task collector is one funny yet fearful character in the movie. His role is really funny I tell you. Tallest has the habit of reaping where he didn’t sow. He forcefully takes people’s properties like phones, money etc from them. He’s a close friend to sibi who hated Chiboy and Abboy from the very start. This is his capping:

Na me be tallest aka task collector aka Oye mme me, My face show, my shoe shine Put call you go hear the scores. Please if you know the rest, drop it on the comment section.

We thought tallest will change his fearful and cunny ways but we were wrong. The recent episode of selina tested has proven to us that tallest will always be that double tongue man.

Let’s keep praying for him to change and be a man, (laughs…)

Download Selina Tested Episode 18 Click


Odogwu played the role of a though drug dealer. He’s the uncle to belema. He makes his money from the drugs he sells and sometimes helps Chiboy and Abboy with some money from it. He also revealed another side of him as a spiritual being during their journey to Udoma (episode 14 and 15).

Odogwu together with Aboy and Chiboy are a very strong force in Holy Ground. They’re currently on a mission to eliminate Sibi for taking over their Glory as the kings of Holy Ground. On the other hand, they are threading with caution become Sibi has a stronger SELINA than them combined


The guy who hated Chiboy to the extent that he killed his mother, rendering Chiboy completely an orphan. He also has some little boys under him who serves as his suicide. After killing Chiboy’s mum, he ran away and he went to become Selina Tested to face the big battle with Chiboy that awaits him.

So far in the movie, Sibi has become a ‘Beast’ so fearless and strong. Infact, according to Otuaka, Sibi has become more dangerous than Aboy, Chiboy and Odogwu combined. He has his own gang who together are trying to become the new rulers of Holy Ground.


The guy who deals with guns (kala). He’s supplier of kala to guys in the hood. He also went behind Chiboy to sleep with his baby sis when she came asking for a gun from him. She got pregnant for him afterwards. She lost her sanity for a long time and without even fully recovering, Amoural stole her away from Chiboy. Therefore making him another enemy of Chiboy.


The little girl way get doings. She’s Odogwu’s niece. She admires the lifestyle of her uncle and decides to join him by selling his drugs. Her mother later sent her out of the house due to her stubbornness. We’ve not heard from her in recent episodes after she was attacked by Sibi and his men. We hope to see her on the scene soon. Meanwhile, insidegistblog wrote on her Biography HERE


Smaller aka Small body big engine. He’s a funny character also in selina tested movie. He once served as an informant for tallest until they had their fracass and separated. He appears to be more fearless than his mentor, Tallest. Ever since his separation from tallest, smaller has been looking for ways to pay back all the bad things tallest did to him.

Smaller is currently an informant for Aboy, Chiboy and Odogwu. We expect more action from him in subsequent Episodes. See his Biography HERE


Dera the Love of Aboy in whom Aboy is well pleased. At first it didn’t seems as though he was interested in dating her, but you can trust the charms of a beautiful, loving and intelligent young woman.

The crisis in Holy Ground has prevented them from enjoying their new found love. In the current episode, she is on the run to locate Aboy after escaping from Sibi through the help of tallest.

Selina Tested Full Movie

Selina Tested Full Movie Cast

RoleReal Name
AboyAye Otto
ChiboyFamous Patrick
Tallest (Tax CollectorMC. Prophet
OdogwuManuchim Praize
SibiSibi Steve
Mama ChiboyIfeoma Grace
StrikerNwamadi Kelechi
AmouralGift Ogbuji
BelemaGabriella Ogbonnaya
Boma Felix Stephanie
Trigger DJ Key
Priest Wisdom Isiguzo
Little Spirit Boy Majority Ekwueme
Herbalist Valerie Oluchi Ikott
Mimi Mimi Nessa
Orbu Andrew O. Duniya
11 Dum boy
KoboMentor Prince

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The movie Selina Tested

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