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Selina Tested Meaning: What is Selina Tested?


So, everyone seems to be asking this particular question What is the meaning of Selina Tested? What is Selina Tested? We have the answer in this article. Just keep reading. Feel free to share this article to friends after reading.

What is Selina Tested?

Permit me to say that alot of Nigerians started hearing about Selina Tested after the movie “Selina Tested Movie” became a hit in Nigeria and abroad. I’ll love to aware you that the word Selina Tested has been in existence. Most people only knew it for the first time after the release of Selina Tested Movie.

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Selina Tested
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So what then is Selina Tested? The word “Selina” means Occultist Power/Charm while “Selina Tested” means you’re fortified/protected by means of initiation to a spirit world by a ritualist or occultist, making you fearless and powerful. This means that you’re being given/covered with Powers from a spiritual world that will protect you from harm, makes you powerful, invisible at will, makes you dominate a territory.

Selina Tested meaning

How to be selina tested

For one to be selina tested, he/she must know what he is going into. You must prepare yourself for whatever comes your way.

  • To be selina tested, you have to settle in your mind that you’re going to make some certain sacrifice that’ll alter your normal life forever.
  • You must have a strong mind. Weak people can’t pay the price
  • You’ll hang around people who belong (Occult members)
  • You’ll need to be initiated by a strong ritualist

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