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Seyi Shay Baby’s father and How She Got Pregnant


Nigerian Pop singer, Seyi Shay has welcomed her first child with her “unrevealed hubby,” a beautiful baby girl. The singer took to her Twitter page to announce the good news to her friends and loved ones, describing her girl as her “greatest hit”.

Seyi Shay Daughter

Seyi Shay’s Pregnancy Story

Singer Seyi Shay’s Pregnancy has given internet users something new to talk about obviously. The Vocal coach and talent judge has finally revealed a glimpse of her secret lover, who together they’ve welcomed their baby girl.

In a Q&A session, Seyi revealed she got pregnant through a sperm donor. She made this revelation after a fan asked her to confirm if it’s true she got pregnant via the method.

In response, Seyi simply said yes, but didn’t go further to reveal if its an anonymous donor or a friend who donated his sperm directly. Another fan asked her; ‘Who Give You Belle?‘ and she replied Elohim(God).


This is coming about 6 weeks after she debuted her baby bump in her music video, BIG GIRL.

Who is Seyi Shay’s Boyfriend

She confirmed her engagement in an interview with Beat FM in January. The presenter asked her about the diamond ring she had on her finger and how she got it. Showing off the ring, she replied, “Some guy gave it to me and said, ‘hey would you marry me?“

“It’s a diamond ring for real, and it’s forever,” she continued. The pregnant singer confirmed her engagement to be one of the reasons she has been glowing.“I was already glowing before I met him; if I was not a package, I wouldn’t have said yes,” She said


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