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Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse Miracles, Life story and More


Maulana sheik hajj ibrahim Niasse, was the best thing that Allah gave us in 100 years, and the hundreds of years coming after us.

Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse Miracles

There were many holy people that preceded him and furthermore there are many holy people living today, however aside from sheik ahmed tijani abal, no other holy person can be compared to sheik ibrahim Niasse, with regards to information, accomplishment and furthermore spread of islamic religion and furthermore the way of tijaniya.

Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse Miracles

As sheik ibrahim niass himself expressed in his dee want, RTA and I quote (for sure many individuals realize that I am his worker and otherworldly contact with Allah’s cherished must be accomplished through my channel), here Maulana baye Niasse, is discussing his affection to our dearest, Prophet Muhammad Habibullah,

and furthermore expressing the position that he have in the royal residence of the prophet as it comes to a specific level, that from 100 years to the following hundreds of years coming after as nobody can accomplish the adoration and mystery of the prophet until he past through the entryway of sheik ibrahim niass RTA…..

Source: Khaliph (via Opera news)

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