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Significance of the International Youth Day Celebration


Today marks the celebration of International Youth Day. The essence of the International Youth Day is to engage the youths worldwide in various social activities, cultural, legal, and other developmental aspects of society.

What is the date for International Youth Day?

Today being August 12 was declared to be International Youth Day celebration in the year 1999.

Importance of International Youth Day Celebration

On this special day, various political, cultural, and economical campaigns and activities are being organized all across the world to increase awareness among people. However, this year’s international youth day celebration will have limited activities due to the pandemic situation prevailing all across the world.

Impact of COVID-19 on International Youth Day Celebration

International Youth Day 2021 will not be celebrated physically in most places but several webinars will be conducted to observe the day. UN Secretary-General António Guterres also delivered a video message on this day and he called out “young innovators” to participate in global development.

What Is The Theme For International Youth Day 2021?

For every International Youth Day each year, there’s a theme on which International Youth Day 2021 is celebrated. The theme for this year is “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health ”. This year’s theme was decided in consideration of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has on human health, the environment, and food systems. This theme was chosen by the United Nations after these issues were highlighted at ECOSOC Youth Forum (EYF) 2021.

According to UNESCO, ”Youth Programme emphasizes in its work that youth are not just beneficiaries, but they are essential leaders and partners in finding solutions to the issues faced by young people in the world today.”

International Youth Day Celebration

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