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Signs of Stolen Glory? Here’s what you should do

People have been stripped of their properties several times throughout both modern and biblical history. No matter how expensive the items are, it is cheap to be robbed of them; but it is dreadful to be robbed of your glory. Here are signs of stolen glory and what you should do.

Signs of Stolen Glory – Bible verses to read

Your glory is the key to everything in your life, so if it is taken, your destiny will never be the same. In our first reading, it is stated that emptiers have taken Jacob’s excellence and that he is now empty. For you, it won’t be that way. So what are the signs of stolen glory?


READ: Nah. 2:2-3
MORE LESSONS: Jer . 48:12-13
Bible Reading in one Year: Nehemiah 7-9

Signs of Stolen Glory
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i. You abruptly lose yourself and become a shadow of who you once were. Because your talent and strength have vanished, several activities that you used to do with ease are now challenging for you. It is a warning indicator that something with your glory needs immediate attention.

Instead of keeping quiet, call out to God for assistance, maintain your composure in the place of prayer, and reclaim your glory.

ii. You start experiencing setbacks every day. You find that despite your best efforts, things are not going as planned. One of the most discouraging things in life is to put in a lot of effort but have nothing to show for it; this indicates that your opponents are following closely behind and in front of you, wasting your time.

iii. You have no worth among your coworkers, and in society you become a laughingstock, and people favor others over you. They never understand anything you say because someone stole your glory. Today, ask the Lord to remove that humiliation from your life.

iv . Perpetual emptiness in the family and the workplace. Your business is failing while others’ are succeeding. You start a business because others are doing it and making high returns, but it works the other way around for you.

You have valuable possessions, yet hardly one pays you any attention. These are indications that someone has stolen your glory. If you merely approach God and beg Him to restore your glory, you can rise anew.

v . You become less confident. A man who has lost his glory is constantly fearful and insecure. If a man loses his confidence, achieving success in life will be tough because, when used, confidence can make many things in life function.

Esther entered the king’s palace with assurance because she had no fear of dying, and when she used that assurance, the glory that had been stolen was recovered. No matter how long the enemy has been stealing your glory, God will return it to you today.

John 10:10 :”The thief does not come except to steal ,and to kill,and to destroy..”

Glory is radiant beauty at its best. Glory can also refer to a position of distinction attained via outstanding accomplishments. A man’s destiny is glory. It is all that God intended for man to be good at.

Do you believe someone is taking advantage of your glory to shine, succeed, amass fortune, or prolong their life? Do you feel as though your blessings are being misdirected despite your hard effort and lack of results?

The Bible scripture mentioned above calls the devil a thief. He takes away people’s blessings, trading their health, wealth, and long lives for short ones, as well as their light for darkness, sickness, and poverty.


1.They steal people’s glory or destiny because of fortune.

2.They steal people’s glory or destiny because of fame.

3.They steal people’s glory or destiny to make money.

4.They steal people’s glory or destiny because of power.

5.They steal people glory or destiny because of long life.


1.Rings.2.Handkerchief 3.Charm.4.Money.5.Food.6.Sex 7.Cloth.8.Pictures.


1.Jacob stole Esau blessing to shine(Gen.25:22-23).

2.Samson’s glory was taken away by Delilah (Judges 16:1-32)

3.Adonijah wanted to take over the glory of Solomon (1Kings 1:38-40).

4.Ziba stole to shine with Mephiboshet’s star by lying against him (2 Samuel 16:1-32).


1.If you dream and always see yourself walking naked,it is a sign that your glory has been stone.To see yourself walking naked symbolises shame,disgrace and mockery.

2.If you dream that someone cut your hair ,it is a sign that your glory has been taken away.

3.If you dream and see that you are caged,it is a sign that your glory is being used by someone.

4.If you always see yourself in a former house,church ,office, school,etc in your dream,it is a sign that someone is using your glory.

5.If you are a slave to someone in your dream,it is a sign that someone is using your glory.

6.If you dream and always see that someone is injecting you in the dream,it means your glory is taken away.It is either something is injected into your body or something is taken from your body.Sickness can be injected into one’s body ,and at the same time virtue can be taken away from someone’s body.

8.If you dream and always see that someone is stealing your cloth from the clothesline.

9.If you dream and always see yourself having sex with a stranger in the dream,it means your virtue has been taken away.

10.If you dream and always see that you are working for someone.


  • Pray against all robbers of destiny to stay away from your life.
  • Ask that your glory will not go to another.
  • Plead the blood of Jesus on your life and work against robbers of destiny .

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