Singer Amadhu, the Nigerian Artiste Ruling in India

Ahmad Umar Barmo, also known as Amadhu, is a fast-rising Nigerian music sensation presently taking the India music industry by storm. In a short interview with LIB, he talked about his new release. Video link:


LIB: You recently dropped a music video. We learnt it was shot in India. What was it like? Tell us about the music and India.

Amadhu: Yeah. The name of the video is Call me. It was shot in India…Huh ! Well, it was my first time. It was fun and it was tiring at the same time. The music is going absolutely well, and a lot of goodies are in stock, only waiting to be unleashed.

LIB: You are currently in India. What is happening there? Any new projects? And what is your take on the current situation of the world?

Amadhu: Nothing but peace, I can say…Yeah, I have a project coming up titled Hausa boy with the Yoruba looks, in short (HBWTYL). “Call me” is a single off the project. A lot is going on around the globe. Some places are experiencing bad days while some are in good shape. I hope and pray those places regain their former state of mind and even more.

LIB: Are there new releases in the coming months, as you have been busy shooting new music videos? :

Amadhu: Can’t disclose much , but yeah. A single is coming up in a month’s time , and yes it’s hot.

LIB: What do you hope to achieve with your music? Who is your target audience?

Amadhu: They are much. I hope to achieve much but to shorten it , I’d call it “Greatness”. I hope to achieve greatness. The world is my target audience. I think the whole world deserves a sound like mine , so I can’t limit it to a particular audience but rather the whole world.

LIB: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Amadhu: I’ll be in the rightful place I deserve to be. I guess we all will know within that time frame.

LIB: Would you be collaborating with Indian musicians?

Amadhu: Definitely ! One is even there on the project (Ep)

LIB: When do you release an album?

Amadhu: Next year hopefully.

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