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Singer Morgan Wallan dropped by radio stations after video emerged of him using racial slur


Radio stations Feb 3, started to pull down the tunes of country music star Morgan Wallen after video surfaced that showed him shouting a racial slur. Morgan Wallen, 28, can be heard using the n-word on a Ring doorbell video from a neighbor’s home.

Wallen was spotted outside his home, stumbling around after a night out in Nashville with his friends. It was at a point that the country singer asked someone to watch another guy at the home, when he used the slur before going inside.

Wallen later told TMZ that he’s embarrassed and apologized after the video leaked. He also admitted that the slur was “unacceptable.” Since the video surfaced, music platforms have begun dropping Wallen’s music.

Cumulus Media, one of the famous radio network for country music across the United States, told its radio affiliates to remove his music from Wednesday’s programming. Variety also sent a memo out telling its employees to remove Wallen’s music “from our playlists without exception.”


Recall also that Wallen made national headlines back in October after he was kicked off Saturday Night Live after breaking the show’s COVID-19 protocol. He was also arrested last year for public intoxication in Downtown Nashville.

Many fans expressed their outrage over Wallen’s comment on social media and some are even calling for him to be canceled after his latest incident.


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