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Meet Son of The Prophet – The man who mimicks Bishop Oyedepo


White Olasunkanmi Barry popularly known as The Son Of The Prophet is popular for mimicking Bishop David Oyedepo. Starting from their resemblance, to talking like bishop David Oyedepo, walking like bishop and also preaching like Bishop David Oyedepo. He started by making skits of himself mimicking God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo and it went viral on social media.

Son of The Prophet

Nigeria is blessed with so many many talented young stars out there that are yet to be know, probably because they haven’t gotten the chance or opportunity to be seen or heard by the world as others have.

This young man by name, Barry White Olasukanmi, also known as “Son Of The Prophet” is an upcoming comedian that was hardly noticed until he dropped one of his trending videos of him mimicking the General Overseer of Living Faith Church A.K.A Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo.

The young comedian is now globally known for his God given ability to mimic Bishop David Oyedepo in talks, walks, body and hand movements, and in his dressing. The most interesting part of the whole thing is that he looks just like the Bishop in his facially.

Son of The Prophet - The man who mimicks Bishop David Oyedepo

How well could this young man have been noticed that pleased the Bishop up to the extent that Bishop David Oyedepo invited him to the just concluded Shiloh 2020, just like other important dignitaries that were invited to Shiloh. We all know that Shiloh isn’t a place for joke, only top men are invited as it is broadcasted live on TV and YouTube for millions of people around the world to watch.

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Such great talent can only be given by God and honestly, watching videos of this talented young man on social media and his ministration at Shiloh shows how good this guy is, exactly like Bishop Oyedepo in every way.

Even though some people criticized Barry white Olasukanmi A.K.A ‘Son of the Prophet’ for mimicking Bishop David Oyedepo, one thing is certain here, your gifts will speak for you anywhere you go. You don’t need to shout too much, people will definitely see you. A man’s gift will always make room for him, just like the bible says in Proverbs 18:1.Please share and like this post, then follow me by clicking on the follow button at the top right of your phone.

His performance at Shiloh 2020 was one of the major highlights of the annual program. In this interview with Oluwatimileyin Adebanjo, he talked about how he started mimicking Oyedepo.

How would you describe your childhood?

I come from the family where my father is a Muslim and my mother, a believing Christian. My mother raised me and my siblings.

My childhood experience was not an interesting one because I was not born with a wooden spoon, much less a silver spoon. But I never allowed my past to determine my future.

When did you discover that you could mimic Bishop Oyedepo?

November 14, 2015

Did you learn the skill or it just came to you naturally?

It came to me naturally.

Is Bishop Oyedepo the only prominent person you mimic?

I mimic other notable people, but the most prominent person is Bishop David Oyedepo.

Have you ever been teased about being the biological son of Bishop Oyedepo?

Yes, it has happened several times.

Are you a member of Living Faith Church?

Yes, I am.

How did you feel when you mimicked Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2020?

It was an exciting experience for me; I have always wanted to have the chance to do that. I am grateful for the privilege.

Did you get the reaction you expected when you performed at Shiloh 2020?

It was not what I expected, but we give God all the glory.

You are called Son of the Prophet; do you intend to go into full time ministry?

God appoints people for different reasons. I have gotten a calling but not as a pastor.

Son of The Prophet
Son of The Prophet


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