Stella Ojukwu : Late Ojukwu beautiful wife

The Late Ikemba Nnewi 1, Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, was a man who got hitched to 4 ladies at various moments, with none of the spouses wedded to him when he wedded the following wife. In 1972, while Ojukwu was someplace far off, banished for good at Cote D’Ivoire, he got hitched to a lovely woman, Stella Onyeador, who is his third spouse.

Stella Ojukwu : Late Ojukwu beautiful wife

Stella Onyeador was a local of Arochukwu in Abia State, a sister to Society Lady, Angela Onyeador, and a girl to Sir Alex Onyeador, one of the humanitarian of the Catholic church around then. Stella Onyeador was a legal counselor before she got hitched to Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

Stella Ojukwu : Late Ojukwu beautiful wife

The entrancing thing about their relationship was that Stella Onyeador was the main bridesmaid to Njideka Onyekwelu. Njideka Onyekwelu was the second lady Ojukwu got hitched to in 1964 after he had separated from Elizabeth Okoli, his most memorable spouse. This is to say that Ojukwu headed out in different directions from his second spouse to wed her central bridesmaid as his third wife.

Stella Ojukwu : Late Ojukwu beautiful wife

He got hitched to Stella while he was far away, banished in shame, only couple of years after the Nigerian nationwide conflict. In 1982, the Nigerian President conceded Ojukwu a Presidential exculpation, thus he got back to Nigeria with Stella Onyeador, presently Stella Ojukwu. Their marriage anyway tragically yielded no kid, even following quite a while.

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They later fought and even went to court since they were battling for the guardianship of a young lady kid they embraced while in Cote d’Ivoire. Emeka was in the long run granted care and responsibility for child on the grounds that the court expressed that under French regulation, a lady isn’t qualified to embrace children, which was the case then in Cote d’Ivoire. They at last isolated.

It was after they isolated that Ojukwu met Bianca, the lovely lady, and got hitched to her. Bianca turned into Ojukwu’s fourth and last spouse.

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