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Story: An Eye For An Eye – Part 1




What I am writing about today is something that has been on my mind but I didn’t have the gut to talk about it because it’s so embarrassing plus the fact that I usually feel hurt whenever I remember, until recently that God finally helped me to find peace.

It happened many years ago, when I was still a teenager, living under my parents. Though I didn’t tell them, none of my siblings knew too, I guess they’ll see it here now sha.

My wife is the only one I’ve ever told, and I didn’t forget how I cried bitterly on the day I was narrating the terrible ordeal to her. Trust me, I am typing this with a big grin on my face right now, because God has helped me to get over it 😁😁

Sit back, read, laugh and learn ✌️✌️✌️

I am the type that likes travelling a lot, so I convinced one of my big sisters back then (not my biological sister) to allow me follow her to Ilorin (Kwara State) to spend one of the December holidays and she obliged.

I also begged her to come help me talk to my parents to grant me a pass and she did. Fortunately for me (or maybe unfortunately, you’ll understand as we move on), my parents agreed, they said I could go to Kwara with her for the holiday.

I’ve lived all my life in Kogi (my state of origin), though Ilorin was my place of birth. My dad told me he was living there till few months after my birth that he was transferred to Kogi State.

So we relocated to Kogi when I was still less than a year old. I was more than grateful for the privilege to see another part of the world. So, I grabbed my stuffs already and off we went! Oh, my first time in Kwara as an individual that is aware of himself, I was so excited.

I felt like “Finally, village boy don visit city ooo” 😃😃😃. I even had a pen and notepad in my hand, I was writing the names of all the fine places I saw so that I would have enough gist to give my friends in the village.

My big sister took me to one area in Ilorin called Taiwo Oke, that was where her own elder sister, Auntie Seun, was living. She told me that I would be spending my holiday with Auntie Seun, and assured me that I would be well taken care of. She would also be around to see to my well-being.

The house was a “Face me I slap you” storey building and Auntie Seun’s room was one of the rooms at the top floor. The top floor had about 10 rooms, 5 on each side, facing each other, and a passageway separating the rooms.

There were occupants in all of the rooms. Auntie Seun was very kind to me, she took good care of me, my biological siblings wouldn’t have done better. Auntie Seun was working, so most times, she would be at work during the day and I would be home alone.

Living in the room next to our own was one Auntie, a complete slay mama, she should be in her early 30s. She had different men she was messing around with, I mean elderly men, people’s husbands. Usually, all the tenants would be at work during the week days.

Apart from me, she was the only person who was always home. Her customers usually come visiting in big cars. I can’t say she had no job, at least, she dey do hook up for her room 😁😁😁😃😃

One of the days Auntie Seun had gone to work, it was around the time that P Sqaure’s “Busy body” album was still trending, I was inside the room jeje, relaxing with the music.

I even increased the volume to a considerable level because I didn’t want to hear all the moaning that usually come from the room of hook up Auntie and her “aristo” customers.

Only wall was separating my room and her own. When it was past mid-day, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, I saw a lady standing at the door, almost naked, she was tying a short towel, leaving all her lap area and cleavage exposed.

The sight was somehow, I almost shouted “Blood of Jesus” and banged the door at her face but I considered such as embarrassment. I quickly thought to myself…“haaa, what is this one again this hot afternoon now?”

Guess who was standing at the door? It was our hook up Auntie oo. I was wondering why she came knocking because she was not someone who had good relationship with neighbours.

You know, people who engage in her kind of deals usually live in seclusion, perhaps, because of their conscience. In fact, I had never seen her and Auntie Seun having any kind of conversation. So, I was curious, I was looking forward to hearing why she came knocking.

People of God, what she said to me shocked the living day light out of me, she said…To be continued… Feel free to guess what she said in the comment section. Airtime for the first right guess. Just drop a comment plus your mobile number and if you’re correct, I’ll transfer the airtime to you!



©John Adesogan


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