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Teenager killed after jumping in front of moving truck for new Social media trend


A latest social media trend that involves jumping in front of moving trucks is becoming fatal for some teenagers in the country of Indonesia. The crazy yet dangerous challenge, known as the ‘challenge malaikat maut’ (the Angel of death challenge) is catching on throughout the south-east Asian country, with participants videoing themselves on TikTok performing the deadly stunts.

Unfortunately, an 18-year-old was killed instantly in Tangerang, Banten, when he and his two friends jumped in front of a moving lorry in an attempt to halt the vehicle.

His friends narrowly avoided the vehicle and only suffered injuries, but he wasn’t so lucky as he collided with the truck and rolled under the lorry and was crushed to death. Reports contained that the driver has been detained for questioning.

Meanwhile in Bandung, West Java, a 14-year-old fractured his skull and shattered his teeth after being struck by an HGV as he and a friend attempted to perform the same act.


Local police are now looking for the truck driver, who has gone AWOL presumably out of fear of criminal charges. Police say locals have been trying to stop teenagers from stupidly risking their lives while engaging in the challenge, but their pleas have mostly fallen on deaf ears.


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