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Tems new boyfriend 2021 – who is Tems boyfriend?


Tems is a fast-rising Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer, widely known for her alpha-female personality. She’s bold, strong, courageous, has good spirit and is hitting the entertainment industry with good vibes.

Who is Tems

Tems rose to prominence with her hit tracks “Mr Rebel” and “Try Me”. She is involved in the emerging alté sub-culture in the Nigerian music industry.

Who is Tems boyfriend

Tems ex-boyfriend

Tems’ Ex-Boyfriend, Dubby says he regrets cheating on her with her Bestfriend. Upcoming Nigerian singer, DubbyGoHard said he regrets cheating on his ex-girlfriend who happens to be a fast-rising songstress, Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems. For some reasons, he has realized his mistake and is now sorry for his unfaithfulness to her while they were together.

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Who is Tems boyfriend

Dubby, who is also a music producer, disclosed this during a Question and Answer session with fans on his Social media page. According to him, he regrets cheating on Tems with her best friend four years ago before she blew up to stardom following the release of her first hit song “Mr Rebel” in 2018.


A fan had asked him on his Instagram page, ”If you had the opportunity to change a mistake you made, what would that be?” He replied: ”Hmm… Me cheating on Temilade with her best friend in 2017, never knew the worth of my gold until I lost it”

Tems ex-boyfriend

Tems Slams alleged Ex-Boyfriend

The singer took to Instagram to slam the young man who claims to be her ex-boyfriend. The young man who has been identified as Dubby revealed that his biggest mistake was cheating on her. According to Dubby, he cheated on her with her best friend in 2017.


He added that he didn’t know his action four years ago would cost him dearly and make him lose his precious gold -Tems.

Reacting to his confession, Tems hopped on IG to address her alleged ex. She made it clear that she has never seen Dubby or was ever in a relationship with him. Tems also asked citizens if they could help her identify her ex-boyfriend, the pro clout chaser.

Who is Tems boyfriend?

Many fans have been wondering who she is dating now, and though there have been speculations, she has done a good job of keeping her relationship off the media.

Well, she appears to have spilled some juice in a recent chat with fans on Twitter. While answering questions in a QNA session under the hashtag #AskTems, a fan asked her if she is a in a relationship and she answered in the affirmative.

But Tems’ response was not what many expected as she claimed to be in a relationship with Elohim. The fan had asked; ”Are you in a relationship?” The ”Try Me” crooner responded; ”Yes, With Elohim” See post below:

Who is Elohim? that’s the questions we’re now asking. We know the word ‘Elohim‘ means God. Is she saying she’s dating God as a means of disguise or what.

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Tems is one of the finest made in Nigeria artist with a promising career. Let’s wish her the very best and hopes that the next guy that’ll come into her life will not be a hindrance to her growth.


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