The Baby Toon Net Worth – What Happened After Shark Tank?

One of the most original proposals ever made on Shark Tank was seen by the cast in season 11. A two-in-one teether toy and spoon for infants and toddlers was introduced by 11-year-old Cassidy Crowley and her mother Lori. It had an agreement with one of the Sharks, and its name was The Baby Toon. The Baby Toon will be valued $1 million in 2022.

The Baby Toon Net Worth 2022 - What Happened After Shark Tank?

Regarding the Founders

Making the baby product was Cassidy’s idea, not anyone else’s. Her father Will, sisters Lei and Emily, and key supporter Lori occasionally provided assistance as well. They live in Hawaii’s Honolulu with their family.


Cassidy entered the Honolulu District science fair when she was seven years old and in first grade. She had to identify and fix a typical issue.

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The entrepreneurial prodigy observed her younger sister’s growth. She saw the baby’s growing independence and how it was starting to feed itself.

The Baby Toon Net Worth 2022 - What Happened After Shark Tank?

Setting Up the Company

She created a product that is entirely made of silicone because she was concerned about how hard spoons could damage a baby’s gums. This also proved to be the ideal material for creating a toy that is safe for infants.

Young Crowley had an idea for a device that would benefit a baby up until it became a toddler. She created The Baby Toon, a multifunctional gizmo that serves as both a teething toy and a feeding handle.

To transform her idea into a genuine company, she received assistance from her parents. Together, they all sold their product for $15 each. Cassidy wanted to change the fact that she was getting too busy for her age.

The Baby Toon Net Worth 2022 - What Happened After Shark Tank?

Appearance on Shark Tank

Cassidy and Lori joined the tank in 2019 and offered $50,000 for 50% of their business. For Cassidy to be able to focus on school and being a kid, she wanted a shark to buy out half of the company.

The sharks were shocked at Cassidy’s commercial ambition at such a young age and at how innovative her idea was. None of them offered anything to the youngster and her mother, despite the fact that they were all obviously impressed.

The Baby Toon Net Worth 2022 - What Happened After Shark Tank?

Following Shark Tank

The Crowleys have done exceptionally well to expand the company once they received what they sought. Even though Lori owns half of the company, Cassidy is still regarded as The Baby Toon’s current CEO.

The company received a licensing agreement from Munchkin Baby Products and sells its products on As a result, Munchkin’s website featured its multi-purpose spoon as one of the most popular items. Additionally, Amazon and a number of US and Hawaiian merchants now sell it.

After appearing on Shark Tank, they began selling for $6 each with a 50% profit margin, and the company’s value increased tenfold. The company is currently worth $1 million.

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