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The Power of Music – JO-E Shares


JO-E aka OBRIGADO PRINCE recently took to his Facebook page to share with his fans “The Power of Music.” Recall that JO-E is a popular gospel artist, king of Makosa in the Northern part of Nigeria and also the convener of the annual “Festival Of Gratitude

He has so much to share with his fans on the power of music. Kindly read his thoughts below:

Long but worth every minute of your time🙏


Who is the progenitor? Does music have a purpose in an individual’s life, family, community or in our fellowships? Does God care about it? Is it good or bad? These and many more are pressing questions that we need to answer to understand who and why the progenitor of music created it.

Music is one of the most powerful and important gifts which the creator has given to man, and contextually to the Church. It is a medium of expressing worship from the deepest part of the heart through the soul to the cognitive, and gain to the soul of Another, stirring virtues. It is the language and candle of the soul according to an anonymous writer.


Music is a channel that can be used to light up the world of the depressed, bring dead passion to life, and it stirs the miniature desire that lives inside of us. This perfect gift can only be given by God to occupy the human mind with thoughts of Him, and then walk in the dimension of His calling through Jesus Christ.

It is also meant to edify and uplift the deepest and silent room of man (The Soul).

These are some reasons why this blissful and divine gift is being perverse by the devil resulting to Soulish music, steadily stealing the hearts of men away from Divine thoughts, This MUST be avoided by the church.

The Greek word for music is ‘Sumphonua’, meaning a sounding together or unison of sound in harmony. The word sound would be dealt in subsequent context of my write up. One of the world’s best bass player defined music in simple terms as ‘a language’.

You can see this in the light of 2CHRONICLES 5:13 “The choir and trumpets made one voice of praise and thanks to GOD-orchestra and choir in perfect harmony singing and playing praise to God: Yes! God is good! His loyal love goes on forever! Then a billowing cloud filled the Temple of GOD.” (MSG)

ONE VOICE” and “PERFECT HARMONY” are the qualities of a good language. It shows a concise level of understanding of the singers, musicians, and choir in spirit, else how would they have made one voice?

Literally, I would like to suggest that no musical instrument was overshadowing another, neither was a particular person or musician the focus of the worship, so, it means they had a comprehensive knowledge that the worship is directly to one God as a blend of notes and voices.

This can only be achieved if the musicians, singers and choir are blended in the spirit of one knowledge. Don’t tell me they had echo destroyers, synthesizers, power amplifiers and the likes. Is it beyond gadgets, Skills and stage lights. All of these are like the icing on the cake.

No wise person wants the icing without the cake.Music is one of God’s gifts of bliss given to unite us and be used as a tool to worship Him. I would want to buttress the fact that God respects unity of spirit, of sound and if one language more than the comparative sacrifices of individuals or groups with walls.

Let me stop here by saying the lack of this knowledge is the reason most church choirs don’t blossom, either because the leadership doesn’t not take cognisance of these basic elements or they play ignorant to them.

Don’t expect magic on your Sunday service if these things aren’t put in place. No choir can flourish outside unity in spirit, faith and knowledge… Some members will just get frustrated and leave.

Those who have this knowledge and can’t pass it to leadership will be frustrated and act rebellious and it will be considered “PRIDE” because nobody pays attention to the reasons but the act.

Simple moral of this write up: find out how your church choir is doing, mentally, emotionally and otherwise. No magic will happen once there is division and lack of knowledge. Do retreats and seek knowledge in the field of music, read books in line with this field and watch your choir and music blossom.

The Power of Music From the #OBRIGADO_PRINCE


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