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The Recipe For TikTok Battery Acid Drink Is Provided In This Post


Forget creamed coffee; a brand-new concoction dubbed the Battery Acid Drink is trending on TikTok, and this is exactly how to make it.

The Recipe For TikTok Battery Acid Drink Is Provided  In This  Post
Tiktok battery acid drink

Recently, everyone may have been making something called a Battery Acid Drink, if you’ve been on TikTok. Despite what some TikTok users may have said, it isn’t actually made of battery acid.

It’s actually a sugar-loaded, extremely sweet, frothy beverage. Here is the complete recipe in case you want to give it a shot.

Acidic TikTok Battery Drink

What is the Battery Acid Drink on TikTok?

Battery Acid is a traditional alcoholic concoction composed from Bacardi, tequila, chartreuse, and tabasco sauce. The TikTok version, however, is quite different.


TikTok’s Battery Acid Drink is an energy drink and sugar-based combination that isn’t alcoholic. Even just watching the videos makes you feel like your teeth are going to fall out because everything looks so delicious.

Nevertheless, TikTok users are infatuated with it; 18.2 million people have viewed the hashtag #batteryacid on the social networking platform.


How to prepare the battery acid drink from TikTok

The TikTok Battery Acid beverage comes in a few different varieties, however they all typically include the same ingredients.

You will require:

▪︎Gatorade energy drink in a bottle (most people use blue).
▪︎A Monster energy drink can (this should also be blue).
fizzy candies.
▪︎Powdered sherbet.

The Battery Acid Drink is made by:

▪︎First, put ice in a cup.
▪︎The Monster and Gatorade should then be added.
▪︎Sachet of sherbet powder added.
▪︎Mix everything together.
▪︎Lots of effervescent candies can be added to the drink to finish it.

Some are including vodka

Despite the fact that the original Battery Acid Drink is meant to be non-alcoholic, many individuals are converting it to alcohol.

If you’re of legal drinking age, you could make it into a cocktail by including a shot of vodka.


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