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Theophilus Sunday Biography, Songs, Age, Relationship, Networth


Theophilus Sunday is one of Nigeria’s vibrant spirit filled gospel ministrel, who hails from kogi state and is known popularly for his songs and chants. Theophilus Sunday has used his spirit – inspired music to bless & change the souls of men around the world. Theophilus Sunday is a blessed soul who loves God beyond measure. He has reflected his undieing love for God through his songs, and chants.

Theophilus Sunday Songs
Theophilus Sunday

Theophilus Sunday Biography

Full NameTheophilus Sunday
State of OriginKogi State
Date of birth Born on the 9th of May 1987
AgeHe is 35yrs
CareerGospel artist
Educational professionTheatre act
UniversityKogi State University
Net WorthN5 Million

Early Life and Education of Theophilus

Theophilus Sunday was born on the 9th of May 1987. He is a native of Kogi State, Nigeria. Theophilus attended the ochaja boys secondary school, in ochaja kogi state. He advanced in his studies and graduated with a degree in Theater Arts from Kogi state university ( Anyigba).

Mr Theophilus has also completed the NYSC ( National Youth Services Corps) Programme.

Minister and Sunday
Theophilus Sunday Songs

Theophilus Sunday Age

Theophilus Sunday was born on the 9th of May 1987. He is 35years old.


Minister Theophilus Parents/Siblings

He belongs to a Christian home. He was by Mr and Mrs Sunday. He made mention of his mum on Facebook with the caption “Words fail me mum… but you knmy heart for you… Happy Birthday.

Minister Theophilus Sunday mother
Theophilus Sunday Mum

Is Theophilus Sunday in a relationship?

The Relationship status of Theophilus is currently unknown publicly. For now, we have gathered that he is a single young man, loving God and pursuing Ministry. There is also no reports of him being in a relationship with any sister.


Minister Theophilus is currently based in Dekina Kogi State. Although he is an evangelist aswell, traveling from one place to another spreading the goodnews of God’s kingdom.

Theophilus Sunday Networth

There is actually no comprehensive details about his net worth. He makes his money from the ministry. He is also a student of theater act and we believe he uses his numerous talents to earn a living. He has an estimated Net Worth of N5millon.

Most times, it’s actually difficult to tell the Net Worth of gospel ministers because they live there lives to bless other lives and in return, are blessed in all ramifications by God. So getting an exact Net Worth might be difficult.

Theophilus sunday Songs

Below are a list of songs & chants by Theophilus Sunday

  • .I cannot know you by myself
  • Mighty God
  • Burn upon my Altar
  • For your Glory
  • Atmosphere of your worship
  • Take over
  • Belong To You
  • My Desire
  • Holy Fire
  • Face To Face
  • Until You Form
  • One Sound
  • Take It Away
  • Spirt Keep Me Hungry
  • My Superman
  • Spirt Fire Me Up
  • Yaweh
  • Take It Over
  • My Life Is Yours
  • Who Is Like You Lord
  • And many Others.

What church does Theophilus Sunday attend?

Theophilus attends Peculiar Church of Glory Ministry. Located opposite centenary pot KSU main gate, Anyigba Kogi State. As soon as we have more comprehensive details of his church, we’ll update it here.

Who is Theophilus Sunday Spiritual Father

Theophilus Sunday as we all know is a product of many fathers and encounters. This means he doesn’t have a single spiritual father as he’s been mentored by great men of God such as Apostle Joshua Selman.

Theophilus Sunday and Apostle Joshua Selman

Over time, what is revealed is before Minister Theophilus started ministering, Apostle Joshua Selman prophesied nd prayed for him, then the prophecy is coming to pass. Will it be right to say Theophilus spiritual father is Apostle Joshua Selman? Watch video where Apostle Joshua Selman prayed for minister Theophilus.

Some Facts about Minister Theophilus

  • He is a Gospel Aritist
  • He studied Theatre Art in Kogi State University ( Anyigba)
  • He was born on the 9th of May 1987
  • He has completed his service to Nigeria (NYSC)
  • Social media Handles: Facebook profile – Theophilus sunday Instagram fan page -Theophilus Sunday. Fan page
Theophilus Sunday

How to contact Minister Theophilus Sunday

Do you wish to contact Minister Theophilus, you can do so following the steps provided here. To reach out to Theophilus Sunday, you can connect with him and follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: Follow him on Instagram or any social media handle
  • Step 2: Tell a story about the event you want to invite him to and put this in the conclusion.
  • Step 3: Send him a private message by clicking “Message” in his Instagram profile.
  • Step 4: Ensure you provide details about yourself, the program and what you want him to do.

Minister Theophilus Sunday Contact details

To contact ministrel Theophilus via phone or sma, do that through this numbers: 08168712454, 07068403828, 07025375452.

Do you love minister Theophilus Sunday, kindly drop a comment below. You can also share this post to friends. Thank you.

Theophilus Sunday Quotes

Oh Apostle, Oh Prophet, Oh Evangelist, Oh Teacher, Oh Pastor and Oh Christian, the way of the kingdom is that you are so profitable to the kingdom when you are alive and yield more profit when you are dead (physically)… Selah.

Latest Theophilus Sunday Songs

The Christian you are not in secret, you can never be in public no matter the religious or spiritual act you put up……. Oh man of God when you see the people who live or pattern their life after you, will you be glad you showed them JESUS or yourself.’

I have become the king’s meat, have become Holy Fire’s food, my place is upon his altar because that’s where sacrifices belong and That’s the only place HE can eat from, because he wants to be sure He is not sharing the meal with any one or anything so it ( the sacrifice/ meat) must be placed on his Altar. Where are you o son of God.’

Please do not be musically inclined yet don’t know the heart beat of Of the father, it’s dangerous for you Oh minister to the church.

Oh church please be aware that Death does not come before manifestations, Death for glory comes after Manifestations, I hope you will for go everything in the day glory come calling………There’s no glory here I tell you the truth assuredly. Till we see him Face to Face Your co labourer Theophilus Sunday.

Teach me your ways oh lord and show me my days in them, that no single seconds of my life on earth be lived in vanity. Till we see him face to face A psalm of your co labourer Theophilus Sunday


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