23 things you should never google – see why

The discovering of the internet has been an amazing invention. Most people see Google as the “internet.” Because as a matter of fact, it is almost impossible for search anything on Google and not see an answer for it; whether directly or indirectly, Google, being the most popular search engine on earth, has many solutions to queries of searchers.


On the other hand, there are things you shouldn’t bother asking Google about. Some terms, objects, and concepts are so vile, disturbing, and stomach-churning that you might want to avoid on the internet. On this article, we have made a list of 10 things you should never google on the search engine.

things you should never google
Here is a list of 10 things you must never google (image via YouTube/Let’stute)

Here are 10 things you should never google

From terrifying to simply time-consuming, these 10 terms have taken the internet by storm, but for the wrong reasons. Be warned that if you choose to search for things on the list below, they may not have pleasant results.

1. Lemon Party

The term lemon is often times used to describe an elderly man. Also, the term “Lemon Party” refers to a shock website which featured video clips of three elderly men engaged in an sexual activity. Some individuals might be tempted to tell their friends “to google lemonparty.” However, please note that due to the nature of the site, you will find harmful contents there.

Why did i googled lemon party
Eww wtf😭😭😭😭
*Still regretting*


2. Blue Waffle

The name might sound to you as a name of an animal, but on the contrary, It is a fake s*xually transmitted disease which apparently turns the v*gina blue and disfigured. A lack of hygiene and s*xual promiscuity were claimed as causes for the disease.

3. Jigger fleas

Jiggers are a tool used by bartenders to mix drinks, and on the other hand, Jigger fleas are parasitic insects that that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. The pictures are disgusting, so readers are advised not to search for them.

4. No sleep

“No sleep” is probably the last thing you want to see if you are looking for an anti-dote to insomnia. Instead, you’ll wind up on Reddit’s aptly-named horror story forum, which will leave you jumping at any sudden movements.

5. Smoker’s Lungs

Googling these search term “smoker’s lungs” is also a bad idea as what you’ll see are images of the lungs of people who has been smoking for almost all their lives. With this result, it will even discourage you from smoking, i.e. if you are addicted to the act.

6. Ring avulsion

Ring avulsion is an injury which happens when a ring on your finger either get stuck onto something or has become so tight that it severely damages on your soft skin. The images which will show up on search result can make anyone squirm in their seat.

things you should never google

7. Rat King

I am sure some rodent lover will definitely hate this one. When you search this on google, you aren’t going to see a rat being crown king, instead, you will see images and videos of rats gathered together in tight spaces, their tails locked together, creating a bizarre image.


things you should never google

8. Moth Larvae

Oral myiasis is an unpleasant condition caused by the larvae of specific dipteran flies. Though it is very common in underdeveloped countries and is easily treatable, don’t google this unless you want to see maggots in someone’s mouth.

9. Mr Hands

A former Boeing engineer, Kenneth Pinyan was nicknamed Mr Hands after a video of him engaging in sexual intercourse with a horse came out. When one of his encounters got out of hand, Pinyana succumbed to terrible injuries. Kenneth Pinyan was pronounced dead due to “acute peritonitis [that resulted from the] perforation of the sigmoid colon during anal intercourse with a horse.” 

10. L-cysteine in food

L-cysteine is used in the production of commercial bread, but do you know what L-cysteine is made of? They are made from human hair that is collected from salon floors. Therefore, make sure to not google this term.

11. Tub Girl

Tub Girl is a disturbing illustration of a Japanese girl sitting naked in a tub while an orange liquid spurts out of her butt and onto her face. 

12. Two Girls, One Cup

This viral video was first uploaded on January 6, 2007. If you belong to this group, you will see two ladies performing dirty acts with vomit and faeces.

13. Eel Girl

The video was first published in the early 2000s. Eel Girl is the name of a video in which a lady used a funnel to push an eel up the rectus of another lady. She ‘consumes’ the eel once it escapes.

14. Goatse

Please you should not search this, this image is very disturbing. It is an image of a man opening his rectum with his hands so you can peep inside. However, hundreds of memes have been created based on the image, which was first shared online under the filename happy.jpg.

15. Four Girls Finger Painting

Four Girls Finger Painting shows four ladies painting themselves and one another with their own faeces. In the end, they was sneak some vomit in there as well.

16. Kids in a Sandbox

“Kids in a Sandbox’ is a video of a lady using her hand to pleasure a man. Everything seems to be going fine until when the woman pulls out a sizable vibrator and aggressively inserts it into the man’s penis. 

17. Your Own Symptoms

Never you try this because it might hurt you badly. There are so many disgusting videos floating around over the internet that are unhealthy for you – not even to talk about your symptoms. It will trigger so many irritating things.

18. Fournier

New York Knicks NBA player Evan Fournier’s nickname is “Never Google” and there’s a reason.

19. Krokodil

The street name for Desomorphine, a morphine derivative with powerful opioid effects, has been used as a substitute for heroin in Russia and Ukraine.

The side effects of the often-illegally produced drugs include toxic substances which can “cook” the skin, or cause large-scale tissue infection or damage in the injected area. It’s become known as a flesh-eating drug.

20. Your favorite food

Doing this will put you into more hunger.

21. Google



Googling Google will only lead to more Google pages and this is a waste of time and data. So, please just save your time by searching for another thing.

22. Calculus Bridge

This sounds like a difficult math problem but in real life, it is a major dental issue. Calculus bridge is hardened plaque across the teeth. Generally, it has to be chipped away by a dentist. It’s not that pretty.

23. Your e-mail address

It can be helpful to know what you’re connected to online, and sometimes it could be otherwise. Reddit users reported stolen accounts, spam, password leaks, and more. In fact, it’s probably safest to search to double-check, even if you don’t like what you find.

A recommended tool to find if you’ve been compromised in a data breach is haveibeenpwned.com, which may let you know.


Final Thoughts

Google is by far one of the most useful inventions in history, it has a lot to offer. At the same time, not everything is worth searching for there for your health and emotional safety.



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