Top 10 Richest Female Artists in Uganda 2023 Musicians

Top 10 Ugandan female artists and musicians by wealth for the year 2022.

Have you been curious about the top 10 to 20 most wealthy Ugandan female musicians this year? If so, you have found the best website with all the wealth-related information.

Top 10 Richest Female Artists in Uganda 2022 Musicians

Hese’s a list of Uganda’s top 10 wealthiest musicians. The top ten wealthiest female singers and artists in Uganda as of 2022 are listed below.



Within all of East Africa, Uganda unquestionably has the most attractive female artists. In addition, Uganda is listed as having the sixth-most attractive women in Africa right now.

First and foremost, we must applaud Uganda’s female musicians for creating good music. Some of them are flying abroad for extravaganzas in addition to receiving endorsements in Uganda, which earns them substantial money. Not to mention, Ugandan musicians are among the wealthiest in the area thanks to their income from music royalties.

Who is Uganda’s highest-paid female musician?

In Uganda from 2021 to 2022, Fille Mutoni is now ranked first among the richest female musicians and artists.

The top 10 wealthiest female musicians or artists in Uganda are listed below. Then, we shall state their estimated net worth for the year 2022.

The 10 Richest Female Artists in Uganda 2022

Fille Mutoni, net worth: USh 990 million.
Zanie Brown, net worth: USh 875 million.
Judith Babirye, net worth: USh 520 million.
Spice Diana. Net worth: USh 500 million.
Grace Nakimera, net worth: USh 440 million.
Leila Kayondo, net worth: USh 350 million.
Juliana Kanyomozi, net worth: USh 292 million.
Sheebah Karungi. net worth: USh 177 million.
Cindy Sanyu. Net worth: USh 120 million.
Shiela Gashumba. Net worth: USh 105 million. And finally,
Winnie Nwagi. Net worth: USh 95 million.


The list of the wealthiest female artists in Uganda provided above is, in general, the most accurate and up-to-date. On the odd occasion that anything changes, we will keep you updated on the same page.

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