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Top 20 List of Game Prize Ideas for Adults


Aside from the opportunity to hang out with your pals, one of the most thrilling aspects of playing casino table games is the possibility of hitting the jackpot! We all enjoy obtaining a fantastic prize, not just for the actual trophy but also for the feeling of accomplishment and upbeat mood it gives you for the remainder of the evening!

Top 20 List of Game Prize Ideas for Adults

If you’re hosting your own gaming night, you might be looking for some incentive suggestions. It becomes funny the crazier they get! Additionally, having it in your house allows you greater latitude in terms of the awards you can award. Continue reading for our list of the top 20 adult game prize suggestions!

1. Trophies

Trophies are always a nice prize, an oldie but a goodie! You could decide to award a game with only one trophy, or even trophies for first, second, and third place! Engraved awards can also make your night even more special if you want to take it a step further.

In addition to engraved trophies, custom medals offer a more unique and personalized method of recognizing winners. They can be personalized with the title of the game, the player ranking, and clever sayings.


Additionally, beautifully designed personalized medals are compact and gorgeous, simple to travel, and easy to store when compared to breakable trophies. Purchase your fantastic personalised medals for game night at GS-JJ right away for the lowest pricing. Numerous opportunities for customization exist.

2. Coupons

Yet another traditional award, and it works! Everybody enjoys a good coupon, and since there are so many possibilities available, it’s a fantastic incentive for everyone to take part in trying to gain a hand! The choice is yours, whether it be for a weekly purchase, a special coupon for a treat to yourself, or some cash off their preferred beverages!

3. Present Cards

These are a terrific alternative to coupons as a treat. You may decide on how many or few you want, and having some extra cash is always a plus!

4. Shot Glasses That Light Up

These would be a fantastic prize for anyone wishing to up the ante at their upcoming gathering! Shot glasses are somewhat dull, but luminescent shot glasses? That’s a party we want to attend right now!

5. Tickets for lotteries

Lottery tickets are thrilling because you never know what you might win—they’re a game within a game kind of prize! The maximum number of lottery prizes that one person or game may win might be determined.

6. Batteries

It’s a little odd, but who doesn’t require batteries? These make fantastic runners-up rewards or prizes for smaller games that everyone may win.

7. Gift Cards for Subscriptions

You could offer a month or two of Netflix or Playstation Plus as the reward in exchange for a more specific gift card! This would undoubtedly encourage frequent users to compete and win!

8. Portable toiletries

Travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, or lip balm are all adorable choices for game prizes and are perfect to pack in your handbag or getaway bag for the weekend. They are both useful and aesthetically nice to look at!

9. Candy or protein bars

Edible rewards are a fantastic way to keep everyone involved and interested in the games to come as a reward to keep your visitors entertained and fueled for the next set of games!

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10. Back Scratchers

Back scratchers are a silly but entertaining game reward to throw into the mix. They are another amusing prize to win, but useful to have on hand, and won’t break the bank either.

11. Lego Sets

Having a few nice Lego sets, perhaps as one of the big payouts, could increase the pressure and desire to win if your buddies enjoy creating things. After they win, you could let them choose which Lego set they want or you could let them choose one beforehand.

12. Lighters

A nice-smelling candle is always welcomed, and it is a wonderful home décor gift that everyone will love having in their living room! It also serves as a wonderful reminder of all the pleasant recollections from your particular night.

13. Stress Balls

Stress balls are another inexpensive but useful gift to have (during the game or at the office; it’s up to your guests!). We often forget to buy them for ourselves. Your guests will be able to thank you afterwards if you can win one.

14. Hand Towels

Hand towels are a useful bonus item to pair with the travel-size toiletries and are always useful, no matter the situation. There are countless uses, whether to carry or keep at home!

15. Fragrances

You can choose between full-size, travel-size, or rollerball perfumes—all ideal for your daily bag—with options for both men and women.

16. Bath Bombs

Retiring home with a bath bomb is the ideal way to decompress and rest after such an eventful night before going to bed. And you can have fun with this because there are so many different smells and designs!

17. Oven Mitts

This humorous present with a kitchen theme is guaranteed to be a success with everyone and will make your friends think of you every time they use it!

18. Book of Adult Coloring

An adult coloring book is yet another stress-relieving activity that we might not choose for ourselves, but it just might lead someone to their new evening passion!

19. Faux plants

Faux plants are a terrific gift for everyone because they can be exhibited at both work and home with less upkeep than a real plant but still add some color and vitality!

20. Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are yet another extravagant prize option. They can be one of your more pricey and high-end prizes. It’s always fun to attempt and win a nice set of headphones, and you’ll use them a lot, too!


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