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Top 9 Prison Dating Sites in 2023

Many prisoners now get a second chance at finding love, thanks to technological advancements and prison dating sites. Adult correctional facilities, county jails, and federal prisons are just a few examples of the several types of prisons that exist today. Although all of them are prisons designed to punish and rehabilitate inmates, that doesn’t stop them from engaging in love relationships.

Importance of Prison Dating Sites

Numerous dating websites exist that allow inmates to communicate, socialize, and build relationships with people outside of their prison walls. These main goal of these prison dating sites is to connect inmates with new people who can enable them to leave their former lives behind and begin afresh.

Make sure the person is prepared to let go of their old ways, to move on, and to be dedicated to leading a decent life. Don’t choose someone who is merely appearing to be a changed man in order to get you in bed, break your heart afterwards, or worse.

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Although it has been found through observational research that the majority of women who engage in jail dating only do so to move past recently ended relationships or to recover from a heartbreak.

This post will talk about certain jail dating services that not only let visitors visit for free but also offer security and comfort to those looking to get in touch with the prisoners.

The following are a few of the most well-liked Prison dating sites:

Top 9 Prison Dating Sites in 2022

1. Meet An Inmate

Meet-An-Inmate is the first among the Prison Dating Sites on my list. This website has been around for a very long time and is well-known. “Connecting convicts with pen pals since 1998,” states the company’s tagline. A database of registered prisoners with respective profiles is available on the website.

Inmates who want to communicate with pen pals can sign up on this website. People visit the website, choose a profile they like, and then send a letter to the prisoner who is the subject of that profile.

The website has functions including a home interface that shows a list of many prisoners eager to interact with new individuals. Each profile contains a synopsis of the biographical information of the convicts.

On the application, details such name, birth date, religion, level of education, and height are required. Visit site here


▪︎The website’s user interface is fairly simple to comprehend and use.
▪︎Utilizing information from the search filter, such as occupation and age, you can look for profiles.
▪︎The website shows a history of inmate activity while they were being held.
▪︎On the website, there is an email channel for sending and receiving emails.


▪︎The website has no means to confirm the veracity of a detainee’s profile information.
▪︎You cannot be certain whether an inmate has actually changed or is merely acting that way.
▪︎Some profiles won’t have photos because it’s optional to add photos to them.

2. Write a prisoner

This website was created and started in the year 2000, and since then, it has ranked as one of the most popular jail dating websites. Professionals who want to assist the inmates in progressively reintegrating into society and leading regular lives should visit this area.

Even still, the inmates must pay for their profiles to appear on the website in order to cover mail fees and other costs. The website has intriguing features, including simple ways for pen pals and prisoners to communicate about visitations, what awaits them after their release, and their goals.

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You can also register on the website to become a counselor, pen pal, legal informant, housing provider, artist, or supplier of educational materials. For those who are serving a term that is about to expire, this is one of the better locations. Visit site here


▪︎The website offers opportunities for convicts who want to learn to receive scholarships.
▪︎In addition to pen pals, there are additional prominent ways to sign up as
▪︎The prisoners can choose to get things like legal information, educational materials, and other things.
▪︎Through this website, the inmate can send works of art like poems.
▪︎The website has a blog or forum where prisoners can express their opinions.


▪︎The website has an excessive number of pop-up adverts, which can be very annoying.
▪︎The variety of options and sub-options on the website is extensive enough to mislead a visitor.
▪︎Numerous inmate profiles on the website lack photographs.

3. Inmate mingle

It encourages them to put their past behind them and strive for a better future, just like a regular, law-abiding citizen would. Many people have found their soul partners thanks to our website.

Special features on Inmate Mingle include searching for profiles and automatically displaying convicts whose birthdays fall on the same day as your visit.

You can wish them a happy birthday if their profile piques your attention. Both PCs and mobile devices can visit the website.

Every prisoner who has a profile on the website is also listed with their contact information so that you can email them with their address. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the website.

The site’s disclaimer page contains very detailed instructions. Visit site here


▪︎The website is free.
▪︎It has a way of making inmates feel happy with its special birthday elements.
▪︎The biographies of the prisoners also include their postal address.
▪︎The website’s user interface is simple to use.
▪︎There is an age limit to it. It is only accessible to those who are at least 18 years old.


▪︎The accuracy of the data supplied by prisoners cannot be verified in any way.
▪︎Some of the displayed profile photos are unclear.
▪︎The website offers bad customer service.
▪︎On the home screen, there are too many advertising.

4. Women Behind Bars

This website is only for those who are curious about female prisoners. The website contains a database of thousands of female prisoners from different jails throughout the globe. Since its launch in 1997, the website has aided female prisoners in making new companions.

The website allows female prisoners to pursue relationships, as mentioned in their profiles, going beyond the hunt for pen pals. The website allows inmates to personalize their profiles, and it is set up such that other interested parties will contact the inmate instead than the other way around.

Every prison in the network of the website receives the profile of every inmate. You only need to create an account, search for one or more profiles you’re interested in, and add them to your shopping cart.

You will receive the woman’s contact information. Visit site here

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▪︎The website has a really appealing user interface.
You can go through a variety of options on each female inmate’s profile.
▪︎One can see the images of accessible women in a photo gallery.
▪︎On the website, one can establish a profile and receive messages from ladies.
▪︎Interested parties approach prisoners.
▪︎It is the best place for those who want to assist the woman in putting the shadows of her past behind her, in settling down, and in demonstrating a life of love.


▪︎It is not intended for individuals who are attracted to guys.
▪︎The website is only accessible in certain regions.
▪︎Finding a woman’s website contact information is difficult.
▪︎The website has a fee.

5. Prisoner Passion

This website is made to resemble the well-known social media platform Facebook. It not only enables the prisoners to find love, but also assists them in gaining admirers and friends.

It is one of the most engaging dating services for prisoners.

This website supports and encourages relationships at all stages, from new friendships and casual dating to committed couples. Making connections from the inside out, which is its tagline, is really indicative of what they do.

It has become simple for prisoners to communicate with the outside world thanks to this website. The website is really helpful because it not only encourages inmates to form relationships with new individuals but also provides them with the drive to lead better lives.

Its platforms, which set it apart from dating services, include groups, chats, forums, and other social activities.

The website has a very user-friendly interface and is free to use. It benefits everyone who wants to interact with prisoners, not just the prisoners themselves.

On the website, users can communicate via forums, emails, photographs, videos, and webcams. Except for when you want to activate the premium network advertising, the website is free to use. Visit site here


▪︎Each website feature is free to use.
▪︎It is regarded as one of the top social networks for inmates and those curious about jail life.

▪︎The website provides a variety of communication channels. For the inmates to use, these include live chats, forums, and groups.
▪︎Prejudice or judgmental behavior toward an inmate’s past is not tolerated on the site as long as they demonstrate a desire to lead better lives.
▪︎The website is also perfect for ex-offenders who have returned to society and are firmly committed to leading better lives.


▪︎The website’s user interface could be more pleasant, like other prison dating sites.
▪︎You could be taken to different websites by the site link.
▪︎On the home screen, there are too many advertments.

6. Love a Prisoner

This website can take pride in having one of the greatest rates of inmate and interested party compatibility. According to the site’s guiding principle, giving a man love is the best method to encourage him to leave the murky world of crime.

They think that having loved ones and friends waiting for them when they are released will inspire everyone to be a better person.

Users of this website can search for convicts using the location, community, prison, or age search filters. It also makes it possible for the prisoner and his or her pen friend to converse. The website also provides inmate helpline assistance.

The website contains a lot of information on jail life. Visit site here


▪︎The website has a feature that lets users send gifts to one another.

▪︎It is comprehensive when it comes to the facts and regulations surrounding prison life.

▪︎ It also makes it simple to report fraud that has been committed on it.
▪︎There is a VIP membership program.
▪︎It includes reading material that includes data and quotes regarding life in jail.


▪︎The VIP membership package costs money.
▪︎Photos submitted are indistinct and some of the descriptions of the convicts are handwritten in illegible handwriting.

7. Inmate Classified

This website has been operational for more than 20 years.

Inmates can register on the website and have their profiles seen by a lot of people. This is done to help the prisoners feel more psychologically connected to the outside world.

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According to the site’s guiding principle, prisoners should not be denied the human needs of friendships, relationships, and community. Inmates and staff can connect via letters. Visit site here


▪︎The profiles of the prisoners are comprehensive.
▪︎It is thorough enough to provide the reason for incarceration and the date of release.
▪︎The website offers an address where correspondence can be sent.
▪︎The profile’s data also includes seemingly important information like the color of one’s hair and eyes.


▪︎For searching prisoners, the search filters don’t offer any unique searchable parameters like age, religion, and so on.
▪︎The website’s user interface. It is simple to use.
Only featured profiles were presented in the home interface.

8. Dating Prisoners

The way this website works is similar to Tinder. It has offices in the United States and Greece. Users can set up a profile on the website for free, hook up with, and flirt with anyone who catches their attention.

Users of the site can choose any profile of their choosing and speak with others in order to either have a serious relationship or just to flirt. Inmates can schedule pen pal visits on the website as well.

The website is accessible on a mobile device and is cost-free from anywhere in the world. Visit site here


▪︎Phones and desktops can easily visit the website.
▪︎The website permits appropriate flirting between users.
▪︎The website lets you search for users based on your tastes.
▪︎It offers a gallery where you may look at a number of pictures of an inmate, giving you a thorough idea of what they look like before seeing them.
▪︎For locating long-term commitment, it is helpful.


▪︎It is unlikely that this site will attract long-term dedication.
▪︎There is a substantial likelihood of engaging in on-fraud.
▪︎The website’s main interface lacks aesthetic appeal.
▪︎The list cannot be accessed without entering your information .

9. Friends Beyond The Walls

More than 2500 profiles of prisoners from 46 American states are available on this website. According to the website, being in prison without a friend means living alone.

For more than 20 years, our website has assisted prisoners in finding friends and family.

Access to the inmates’ contact information is free for all site users. The fact that this website is run by the relatives and friends of prisoners is noteworthy. Visit site here


▪︎There are so many profiles.
▪︎The website is dependable and enduring.
▪︎It’s incredibly simple to stay in touch with or communicate with a prisoner.
▪︎The photos are of good quality.
▪︎Without accessing the full information on the main page, you may view the fundamental information like name, birthday, and location.
▪︎Finding the individual prisoner you wish to contact is simple to do. Utilizing the search bar at the bottom of the home page is all you need to do.


▪︎Inmates rarely have many photos.
▪︎A surplus of adverts
▪︎It is uncertain whether you will find the person you are looking for in the search results. In some places, the website loads slowly.
▪︎The 46 states make up the majority of the site’s inmate profiles.

Final Words

Prison dating services play a significant role in helping prisoners recover their social lives and self-respect. Additionally, it inspires people to develop into better versions of themselves and effectively reintegrate back into society.


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