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Toyboxdollz, the art teacher with curves: Biography, Age, Photos


Just recently, Candice Reed has been trending on social media for all the wrong reasons as people called out the art teacher for cultural appropriation. Now, The Art Teacher, who goes by the name, @toyboxdollz on Instagram, has taken the internet by storm owing to her appearance.

We are yet to confirm The Art Teacher’s real name, but she has multiple accounts on social media with different handles. If you’re among those wondering what’s happening in the life of Toyboxdollz, then keep reading…


Who is Toyboxdollz?

Toyboxdollz is an artist and a kindergarten teacher. Aside being known for her artwork, toyboxdollz is also an influencer who often talks about body positivity.


Where is Toyboxdollz From?

According to World Star Hip Hip, she is from Puerto Rico and has done work for artists such as Lil Yatchy, Gillie Da Kid and Wallo among others. She is currently based in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey.

Toyboxdollz Instagram


What happened to the new jersey art teacher with curves?

According to the trend on social media about her physical appearance, social media users have no doubt made the Art Teacher a topic of debate. From all indication, you can see that Toyboxdollz is a simple yet proud young lady who loves her body. However, some critics believe her looks are inappropriate for an educator.

When one asked her during an Instagram live if she’s “really a teacher”, toyboxdollz confirmed by saying, “Yes, I am a teacher.” Similarly, many find it hard to believe she is in the education field because of her appearance. Some of the parents, however, have hit back at the critics.

They are of the opinion that irrespective of her appearance, the teacher dresses up appropriately in the presence of her students, therefore, she should not be criticized.

Under both New Jersey and federal labor law, it would be illegal for a school to fire a teacher based on their physical appearance, which is perhaps why there’s been no action taken against the supposed complaints that have been made in regards to the woman’s looks.

She uses her account to display her paintings and her other artwork that are simply mindblowing. Toyboxdollz has also shared a couple of pictures with her young students and photos of herself from the classroom.

As for her personal posts, The Art Teacher loves showing off her curves and has shared pictures of herself in a variety of outfits.

Meanwhile, the other Instagram handle belonging to The Art Teacher, ‘mystashbuddy’, supposedly shows her creative work. However, her account is private and she’ll have to approve your follow request for you to see her art.

Does Toyboxdollz have kids?

In one of her YouTube videos, The Art Teacher reveals she has a daughter.

Toyboxdollz Surgery

Sources has it that Toy box dollz, has underwent surgery to get her shape into what it is today. Watch Video below.



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