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Uebert Angel Networth, cars, investments


Uebert Angel has an estimated net worth of $100 Million. This comes from his successful career in business, and being an ambassador to his country, Zimbabwe. Furthermore, his ministry has been a success having many followers which also has contributed to his high net worth. He is among the richest pastors in Africa. He is regarded as the 6th richest African pastor.

Uebert Angel source of income
Prophet Uebert Angel Networth

As a result of his great wealth, Uebert Angel and his philanthropic wife, Bebe Angel, are involved in charity works. They provide academic and financial support to the underprivileged. In addition to preaching, Uebert has written so many great books in relation to Christianity.


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The titles of some of his books are Supernatural Power of the Believer, Praying for the Impossible, Prayer Banks, and The Greatest Secret God Told Me About Money. Download his books here.

How Uebert Angel makes his money

Uebert angel is no doubt a successful and highly intelligent business tycoon. Aside being an anointed Preacher, he has chains of business. He makes money from the following legitimate means:

  1. Ministry:

H.S Ambassador Uebert Angel is listed among the top prophets and Preachers in ZIMBABWE and also richest pastors in the world. He has successfully grown his ministry, Spirit Embassy aka The Good News World from scratch together with his wife, Prophetess Bebe Angel. The ministry can boast of millions of members around the world with several branches.

Uebert Angel and wife

Uebert Angel’s ministry also has a ministry school called the Osborne Institute of Theology (OIT) for all those who have the calling of becoming pastors.

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Uebert Angel Networth
  • 2. Business

Prophet Angel has lots of Businesses and we may not list them all here. He’s into real estate business, he is also the convener of millionaire club. A paid tutorship class for people who wants to learn the secret of making wealth.

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Uebert Angel Business
  • 3. Social Media

We all know that Uebert Angel is amongst those men of God who are using social media to preach the gospel. We also know that some social media like YouTube, Instagram, etc are monitized. So he also makes money from social media

  • 4. Writing

As said earlier, Uebert Angel is a an author, having several best selling books online on Amazon. Of course, you know that you can make money by selling your books on Amazon.

Uebert Angel Books
  • 5. Music

Prophet Uebert Angel also makes money through his songs that are on sale on Amazon and other digital platforms.

Uebert Angel Networth


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