Home News Ugandan ‘Sampson’ kills lion but sustains several wounds (Pictures)

Ugandan ‘Sampson’ kills lion but sustains several wounds (Pictures)


Citizens of the Rwabaragi village in Kagadi district in Uganda shared the meat of the strayed lion that was fought and killed after it Injured many people on Friday, April 8.

Reports on social media suggested a Ugandan man killed the lion with his bare hands, leading to some netizens calling him modern day ‘Sampson’.

However, according to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Communications Manager, their team at Kibale National Park was informed and they killed the stray lion. “Our objective was to assess the situation with a view of capturing the lion and translocating it to a protected area,” the UWA spokesperson said .He however noted that upon reaching the area, it was found a crowd of communities had already started a manhunt for the stray lion that had already injured three people in the area, on top of killing livestock.

Armed with machetes, spears and clubs, the locals combed all bushes in search for the stray animal in a bid to kill it.



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