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Vawulence slang meaning in nigeria


Alot of Slangs have been Trending in Nigeria and the slang ‘Vawulence‘ is among them. Nigeria is a home where almost everything trends, ranging from dance, to act, name them.

What is the meaning of Vawulence Slang in Nigeria?

Vawulence is the same word for ‘Violence‘ meaning to say you’re causing voilence or problem that’s what it means. So when someone uses the word ‘Vawulence’ it means they’re about to tmsay something that’ll cause trouble. It’s also used to narrate an event that has caused or can cause damage to someone. Here are examples below.

Here’s another example of Vawulence

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Incase you have other examples of the meaning and usage of the word Vawulence, kindly drop in on the comment section below.


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