Home Entertainment Video: Female fan grabs Ruger p!nis on stage

Video: Female fan grabs Ruger p!nis on stage


Watch moment a female fan grabs Ruger’s third leg while performing on stage

The identify of the girl is yet to be confirmed

Singer Michael Adebayo popularly called Ruger, angrily went off the stage after an over-excited female fan grabbed his penis. nn the viral video, Ruger was having his live performance on stage, and everyone was Enjoying the vibe to his performance. Then as he, Ruger moved towards the crowd, a lady suddenly grabbed his penis, and he quickly moved back shock😳

Displeased with the act, Ruger stopped his performance and, angrily left the stage.As expected, many Nigerians reacted to the viral video, frowning over the lady’s action stating that it was a major harassment.

annie_ella23 wrote: This is sexual harassment naw, if na the other way around now u for don see hashtags and dragging… mtcheww

Ruger walks off stage immediately female fan grabbed his p!nis(Video)

sisternkechinyere wrote: This is real stupid for real… where were the bouncers ?


iamcuz_moni wrote: It’s total harassment and it kills his moral . Can it be done on a lady ?


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