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Wakanow Review: Flight, Bookings, Services


What is wakanow

WakaNow is a Nigerian company as well as organization that seeks to be the central marketplace for everything involving travel. They have placed themselves as a third party provider responsible for your flights, hotels, as well as various vacation packages.

WakaNow has replaced traditional travel agents, providing you with an independent offers from multiple parties. You are left to select the option that suits your needs perfectly.

Talking about flights, WakaNow compares Services from numerous airlines including, but not limited to: EgyptAir, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, South African Airways, RwandAir. Ultimately, this means that Wakanow provides you with the choice to first compare and book domestic flights in Nigeria as well as international flights into/out of Nigeria.

Currently, after eight successful years of keeping it’s Service great, WakaNow has become one of Africa’s premier travel marketplaces, having expanded its operations internationally, with branch offices in Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


WakaNow also offers other travel Services such as; visa assistance, international travel debit cards, and international travel sim cards.


Wakanow Pay Small Small (PSS)

“Wakanow Pay Small Small (PSS) is a flexible travel payment plan that provides customers great travel deals by making only 25% down payment of the travel cost and paying the rest in convenient installments. PSS allows you to save as much as 150% by taking advantage of the ‘early bird’ fares, and spread your payment over a convenient period of time.”

WakaNow Return Routes Prices

FromToLowest Price
LagosPort Harcourt₦100,040

Check Ticket Price

WakaNow’s Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage

As designed by WakaNow, each Airline and route will have its own checked baggage policy. This policy will consist of a free checked baggage allowance specifying the maximum size and weight of free checked baggage. This is usually between 20 kg and 30 kg.

Any baggage that doesn’t fit these specifications is usually charged an excess baggage fee. The specifics of your flight’s checked baggage policy will be provided upon booking.

Cabin or Hand Baggage

Each Airline and route will have its own hand baggage policy. This policy will specify the maximum size and weight of free hand baggage.

Any baggage that doesn’t fit these specifications is usually transferred to the checked baggage hold if there is enough space. You will be charged an excess baggage fee if an extra piece of checked baggage means you no longer meet the specifications of your checked baggage allowance.

Wakanow’s Contact Details and Social Media


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