What Did Tom Morris Say To Megan Barnard? What Is Megan Barnard Sexuality?

Tom Morris and Megan Barnard both worked as presenters for Fox Sports and he said very derogatory things to Barnard Megan and that’s what a lot people want to know What Did Tom Morris Say To Megan Barnard?.

What Did Tom Morris Say To Megan Barnard?

Megan Barnard has come out and spoken to the public after Tom Morris made comments about her. Steve Crawley, an executive director from Fox Sports said that the audio message that the company became aware of was unacceptable. He said that the company had a zero tolerance policy. He said, “Our culture at Fox Sports is based on a respectful, inclusive environment and a fair go for all. While Tom’s journalism has made a valuable contribution to Fox Sports over the past seven years, the message we became aware of yesterday crossed the line.”

What Is Megan Barnard Sexuality

Megan Barnard does not publicise her personal life. Until Tom Morris made those comments and outed her, she had not officially come out to the public. There is no information on whether or not she is dating someone. In her social media post, she said, “I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received over the past few days in response to the comments about me in the media. To everyone who has reached out, thank you. Fortunately, I am at a place in my life where I am comfortable with who I am and can handle something deeply personal becoming public. But had this happened as recently as a few years ago, it would not have been the case.” She then continued saying, “Coming out is a process and should never be taken out of someone’s hands. Nor should anyone be spoken about in such a degrading manner. I hope my experience can be a catalyst for change in not just the sports industry, but in very industry.”

om Morris Comments On Megan Barnard

The voice message that Tom Morris made was on a private Whatsapp group and it got leaked. The clip said, “To the lads on tier 4, I’m not Asian, I’m not black, I’m not a woman, I’m not gay. So don’t treat me like sh*t. I’m a man with a heart and I’ve got feelings.” The rest of the clip is not available right now. There have been many people who have condemned him for his behaviour.  

Fox Sports Presenter Megan Barnard

Megan Barnard is a sports presenter for Fox Sports Australia. Before she was with Fox, she was working for Sky News Australia. Hse was born in September 1984 and is now 37 years old. She studied at the Queensland University of Technology. She completed her Bachelor of Mass Communication. She majored in Communication. She joined NBN Television and was a Gold Coast sports reporter. In 2020, she was a part of Seven Sport hosting the women’s Big Bash League coverage as a part of Fox Cricket and Seven Network.

Tom Morris

Tom Morris has released a statement apologising profusely for his behaviour. He was fired from Fox News for his behaviour. He said, “I would like to unconditionally apologize to everyone for my disgusting and disgraceful comments, which became public yesterday. I am especially sorry to the person involved. No one should ever, in any place, or at any time, be spoken about in that way. I am deeply ashamed at my behavior. My comments were hurtful to many and I will now take the time to listen, learn and work to improve myself, ensuring that I become a better person. I am truly sorry to everyone.”


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What Did Tom Morris Say To Megan Barnard – FAQs

1. Where is Megan Barnard now?

Megan Barnard is a sports presenter for Fox Sports News Australia. She was previously a sports presenter for Sky News Australia.

2. How old is Megan Barnard?

She is 37 years old.

3. Is Megan Barnard still with Fox Sport?

Megan Barnard has been a presenter on FOX SPORTS News, Australia’s only 24-hour sports news channel, since 2013.

4. Is Megan Barnard still with Fox?

Barnard is an experienced reporter and presenter for Fox Sports News and is currently anchoring coverage of the Women’s Cricket World Cup in New Zealand.

5. Who does Tom Morris barrack for?

When Morris asked Beveridge to clarify what had happened, the Bulldogs coach went on the attack. “You’ve got the nerve to ask me a question, and even be here,” Beveridge said. “You barrack for Melbourne, Tom Morris. You’ve been preying on us.

6. When is Megan Barnard’s birthday?

Her birthday is on 4 September 1984. 

7. What does Megan Barnard work as?

Megan Barnard works as a sports presenter for Fox Sports.

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