What Happens with R. Kelly’s net worth?

R. Kelly, a rapper, has had a contentious career with wildly divergent highs and lows.

What's Up with R. Kelly's net worth?

Born The rapper Robert Sylvester Kelly, 55, who is the subject of several scandals, first gained notoriety in 1989. He rose to fame as a vocalist and an athlete in the years that followed. He joined the Atlantic City Seagulls in 1997, combining basketball with a rapidly advancing musical career.


Through the early 2000s, Kelly’s popularity allowed him to work with some of the best rappers in the world and produce a number of albums. Kelly was raking in money like crazy at his height, but his net worth has since sharply declined. After a slew of scandals, allegations of sexual assault, and ongoing legal battles, Kelly’s net worth has significantly decreased.

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What's Up with R. Kelly's net worth?

what R. Kelly is Net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly had a career high net worth of tens of millions of dollars, with a high estimate of $100 million. However, as abuse claims spread over the ensuing years, that number rapidly decreased. Through the late 2000s and 2010s, allegations of teenage sex and repeated sexual assault followed Kelly, progressively eroding his fortune.

When Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Lifetime in 2019, Kelly’s reputation had already begun to rapidly deteriorate. Over the years, he had been charged with a number of heinous crimes, including involvement in a sex cult, and as a result, his former fame was quickly evaporating.

What's Up with R. Kelly's net worth?

Kelly is currently not worth anything. He has acknowledged owing the IRS $20 million in past taxes and rent over the years, among other enormous sums. Kelly has lost all of his former possessions and assets, and the majority of his music is not available on services like Spotify. In June 2022, he will get a sentence on nine counts, including racketeering and bribery.

What's Up with R. Kelly's net worth?

Kelly’s net worth is currently negative $2 million as he approaches his punishment. He disclosed in 2020 that he owes the IRS $2 million in total and probably has a number of other overdue financial commitments. In light of this, Celebrity Net Worth calculates that he is, at the very least, $2 million in debt. He won’t likely be able to escape that situation anytime soon if he is going to prison for a sentence that could span the rest of his life.

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