Home Technology What is cec 2019 ready? Everything you need to know

What is cec 2019 ready? Everything you need to know


Best Answer sourced online for cec 2019 ready: CEC is California’s new emission standards for electrical efficiency. Creating a Forcing Function for Storage.

What is cec 2019 ready?

The CEC also notes that the amount of rooftop solar should “not substantially exceed the home’s electricity use” since the excess sold back into the grid is worth substantially less than that consumed on premise. The CEC goes on to state in its release that,

It is  ideal to generate the electricity and have it used onsite versus exporting it to the grid at a time it may not be needed…. Looking beyond the 2019 standards, the most important energy characteristic for a building will be that it produces and consumes energy at times that are appropriate and responds to the needs of the grid, which reduces the building’s emissions.

In other words, it may be time to start thinking about a battery. The CEC indicates that approximately 15,000 new Californian homes currently include rooftop solar. With the new standards in place, in two years, that number could jump almost seven-fold to about 100,000 residences.

The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that will result in 200 megawatts (MW) of additional solar in the state.


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