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Where is Anita Oyakhilome Now?

Anita Oyakhilome is the ex wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Loveworld aka Christ Embassy. After their divorce, the mother of two left the church (where she was a joint owner and co-author) and has since been living a private life in London where she currently lives.

Anita Oyakhilome

She has ever since been private to the extent that she did not attend the wedding of her daughter, Sharon Carrisa Oyakhilome in 2018. She no longer uses the name Oyakhilome. A year after reverting to her maiden name, Ebodaghe, she added the name ‘Schafer’ to it, fueling speculations that she is already remarried.


On her blog known as ‘Mind Whisper’, she disclosed that she is now a life solution therapist. She also denounces all affiliations with Christ Embassy. Finally, she addresses herself as Anita Schafer.

After dropping her ex-husband’s last name, Anita decided to go back to her maiden name, which is Ebhodaghe. Barely anyone made a fuss about it, until she once signed one of her blog posts as ‘Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer’. This immediately caused a wave of rumours that Anita remarried, and that her new husband is European.

Seeing as Anita rarely speaks out about her personal life, it was shocking when she came out and disproved these rumors. As it turned out, ‘Schäfer’ is her mother’s last name. By taking both of her parents’ names, Anita tried to honor them. Instead, she unknowingly created another topic of gossips. Since then, there have been no news on her marital status or personal life in general.

Anita Oyakhilome

Anita Oyakhilome biography would not be complete without talking about her life as a free woman. For years, Anita had to struggle through a complicated divorce case, hateful comments being hurled her way and many other hardships. Nowadays, things are much calmer and quieter. Her name does not surface in the media quite as much as before.

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She did not abandon her parishioners entirely. Despite the fact that she is no longer a part of Believers Loveworld, Anita continues to spread her ideas and love through her blog and her Facebook page. You can find her at and read her blog on

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