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Where Is Erin Barry Now? Untold Facts About Brent Barry’s Ex-Wife


Brent Barry, a former shooting guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA), won two league championships with the San Antonio Spurs. Erin Barry is a law graduate, a child rights activist, and Brent’s ex-wife.

Where Is Erin Barry Now? Untold Facts About Brent Barry's Ex-Wife

Between the late 1990s and the 2010s, Erin and Brent were a couple and had two children. The former accompanied her ex-husband during the 11-year span of his basketball career, which saw him play for five different teams. Erin built up the kind of consistency that made their lives less erratic and more grounded with each new city.

All of that, however, changed in the late 2010s when Erin gained notoriety as the alleged cause of the divorce between Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria. The centerpiece of this long-ago scandal was Erin and her ex-husband Tony, an ex-teammate of Brent’s, who communicated via hundreds of sexually explicit text messages for more than a year.

Understand what the following headings’ actual problems were. Determine whether Brent’s ex-wife was truly unfaithful to her former NBA husband. Additionally, read a little about her early life to see how she met the Slam Dunk champion from 1996.
Irish-Polish parents adopted their child named Erin Barry.


The former Mrs. Barry was born between 1972 and 1973. Erin claimed to have been born to a teenage single mother.

However, her original mother later donated her to an Irish-Polish couple who went on to have three more biological children. The advocate said of her adoptive parents, “It was kind of clear. I was in this Irish-Polish family with my dark hair and olive complexion.
Erin Barry, a former NBA player and San Antonio Spurs shooting guard, was also adopted by Irish-Polish parents. She was Brent Barry’s ex-wife.

Erin has never mentioned her biological mother, but she does admit to spending a few days with her after the baby was born. The now-48-year-old attended an all-girls Catholic school while growing up in a small hamlet close to San Francisco.

She pursued a degree in English literature at the University of Oregon for her higher education. She also pursued her legal education.

She actually worked as a juvenile court caseworker and special advocate in Chicago when her ex-husband Brent was a member of the Bulls. She performed the same duties in Seattle and San Antonio, eventually specialized in children who had been maltreated or mistreated.
Since they were teenagers, Erin Barry and her husband Brent Barry have known one another.

Erin met Mr. Brent, her ex-husband, when they were both students at an all-girls Catholic school in San Francisco. They were high school sweethearts. The latter just so happened to attend the nearby all-boys school.

Erin once claimed in an interview that she and Brent fell in love at the age of 16. They went to see “Christmas Vacation” by National Lampoon on their first date.
Brent Barry, a former NBA player, and his ex-wife Erin Barry
Brent Barry, the vice president of the San Antonio Spurs, is shown with Erin Barry, his ex-wife and a child abuse prevention activist.

Erin followed Brent through his five different teams when they were dating in high school. The former intended to enroll at the University of Oregon after high school. Coincidentally, Brent received a basketball scholarship to the nearby Oregon State University.

After his first few NBA seasons, Brent wed Erin in a cathedral ceremony in San Francisco the following year. Quin and Cade, two boys, were welcomed by the couple together.


Erin campaigned against child abuse with her ex-husband.

Brent and his ex-wife Erin participated in a number of charitable initiatives aimed at preventing child abuse while they were in San Antonio.

Where Is Erin Barry Now? Untold Facts About Brent Barry's Ex-Wife

The vice president’s ex-wife was quite active in the community during their time together, bringing her husband along whenever feasible to promote important causes. Erin largely supported abused children while still married to Brent, first as a caseworker and then as a political lobbyist.

She started working as a juvenile court caseworker and a court-appointed special advocate while her ex-husband was a basketball player in Chicago. She also established a model for similar work when she and the former Spurs no. 17 moved to Seattle. To elaborate, Erin and the former shooting guard moved to San Antonio in 2004 after a wave of high-profile allegations of child abuse and neglect.

The mother of two joined the Blue Ribbon Task Force’s executive committee when the ex-couple arrived. There, she worked for Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed and State Representative Carlos Uresti.

In addition, she was working in a setting that was distinct from the actual casework she was used to. Later, Erin found herself in a more political setting, working on a House bill that would be sent to Austin.

She then took part in lobbying initiatives at the state level and collaborated with legislators who were frantically trying to reform a failing child welfare system.

As an activist, Erin Barry made some significant contributions.

Senate Bill 6, which demands extensive reform for Child Protective Services, is one of the legislative achievements of the former Mrs. Barry.

Along with the task force, Erin and Brent established “Barry’s Blue Ribbon Assists,” a fundraising initiative run by the Spurs Foundation.
A lawyer who also speaks out against child abuse Former San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Brent Barry’s ex-wife Erin Barry is also the ex-wife of former Spurs player Brent Barry. Report by Walker

Through that method, they were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars and secure business sponsorships that enabled them to organize an annual 5k run/walk event and buy tickets just for CPS caseworkers and their guests to every Spurs home game.

Adopted daughter of Irish-Polish parents joined the Bexar County Child Welfare Board in 2005. She soon joined the Heart Gallery of San Antonio’s steering group, which presented the community with the names and experiences of children who were up for adoption.

She has consistently asserted that she is an advocate for abused children and that she has devoted her adult life to standing up for kids who have experienced domestic abuse.

Brent Barry and Erin Barry’s divorce: the circumstances of their separation

On October 29, 2010, Erin filed for divorce from Brent after twelve years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

Where Is Erin Barry Now? Untold Facts About Brent Barry's Ex-Wife

The two’s separation at the time turned into very popular news tabloid fodder. This mostly also consulted Tony Parker and his ex-wife, actress Eva Longoria, who were Brent’s teammates on the Spurs at the time.

As a result, many people think that when Parker and Erin’s infamous affair became public, the marriages of the two couples mentioned above started to break apart.
Tony Parker, a former player for the San Antonio Spurs, his ex-wife, actress Eva Longoria, Erin Barry, and Brent Barry are all shown with Erin Barry, who was Brent Barry’s ex-wife.

The divorce of Longoria and her ex-husband Parker occurred concurrently with the separation of the former Brent couple.

After only three years of marriage, the Desperate Housewives actress Longoria swiftly filed for divorce after discovering the text exchanges between Erin and Parker.

Longoria allegedly filed for divorce as a result of receiving several romantic SMS, according to sources close to her. Due to Parker’s early infidelity and their long distance relationship, their marriage had already been put through its paces.

The only information on which everyone can agree is that Erin and Tony had a graphic textual relationship for nearly a year.

Parker and Erin reportedly never engaged in physical contact, though. At the time, Tony and Barry were also each other’s buddies and teammates with the San Antonio Spurs. Numerous individuals criticized Parker for his infidelity on Facebook as the news spread through the media.
Erin Barry denied having an affair with Tony Parker, Eva Longoria’s ex-husband.

Erin, on the other hand, explained the circumstance at the time as follows:

I didn’t “pursue” Tony Parker, nor did I have a relationship with him. Unfortunately, a lot of rumors have been spread about our friendship because our divorces are taking place at the same time.

She said that the dissolution of her marriage to Brent had nothing to do with her friendship with Tony Parker. She also said it was naive, foolish, and totally mistaken for anyone to assume they were having an affair.

Later, Erin used her Facebook account to debunk the entire affair story. The recent Oregon University graduate claimed that she preferred to devote her attention to underprivileged kids’ health, her family, and her friends.

Nevertheless, she and Brent got a divorce on January 5, 2011, in Texas, and shortly after that they decided to split custody of their two young kids.

The couple’s divorce papers also revealed that they had signed a secret prenup before getting married that set out how their property would be divided.

Until 2013, Erin received $4000 per month in child support with the understanding that three years after she completes law school, she will support herself.
Where is Erin Barry currently residing? Has she recently remarried? who is her new spouse?

It’s nearly inconceivable that Erin herself has appeared in online summaries or among such correspondents, at least not recently, despite the fact that her ex-partner Brent is now a vice president of his old team, the SA Spurs.

And even though Erin’s ex-husband frequently uses Twitter, the mother of his two children is essentially a blanked-out identity on similar platforms.

In light of this, it is highly disconcerting if Erin is currently married or has a new husband. What’s missing from the data is information about the former Mrs. Barry’s current workplace, her area of work, and whether or not she is currently working to prevent child abuse.

On the other hand, tennis pro Alize Lim is Tony Parker’s new partner. Erin was rumored to have had an affair with Tony Parker in the past. Regarding Eva, Tony’s well-known ex-wife, she has been with Jose Baston, whom she wed in 2016.

Is she Using the social media?

Despite all the attention Erin Barry received during her tumultuous divorce from Rick Barry’s son, she is now a total unknown, whether among the general public or on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

On the other hand, all the names that were once part of Erin’s long-gone on-dit are still moderately active on each of their individual social media platforms.


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