Who Is Alyssa Hansen? Justin Hansen Wife: Are They Still Married?

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Who is Alyssa Hansen?

Justin Hansen, a felon serving a term in Mexico, was Alyssa Hansen’s ex-husband. Here are a few key details about her. The court ruled that Hansen’s development was constrained by pretrial interventions; as a result, home detention is equivalent to detention.

Alyssa Hansen
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Justin Hansen, who was guilty of attempted murder and aggravated robbery and pleaded no contest, was formerly married to Alyssa Hansen.

Their union lasted for quite a long time but unfortunately, they splited up and are no longer together. Justin was sentenced to 18 years in jail in 2008 after nearly killing an Albuquerque kid.

In essence, the ex-wife claims he cheated on his mother by taking her credit vehicles and road bicycles and lighting a match to one of them. She also stood up and sobbed as she depicted Justin as a loving father.

Alyssa Hansen

She told agents that he was a former coworker at Cottonwood Mall. She informed the agents that she recalled that he was from her Cottonwood Mall work environment.
Marcell and her family were in court to hear the state’s movement to keep Hansen in care without discharge. As a result, Alyssa may find herself as a single mother fighting for her children’s future.

How old is Alyssa Hansen?

Alyssa Hansen’s present age is believed to be in her forties or fifties. Her exact age and date of birth, however, have not yet been revealed.

The court ruled that Hansen’s development was constrained by pretrial interventions; as a result, home detention is equivalent to detention.

Alyssa Hansen Family

Currently, Alyssa Hansen is known as Justin Hansen’s ex-wife. The names and personalities of the three children that Alyssa Hansen and Justin Hansen share are still unknown.

According to Alyssa, Justin is without a doubt the most gracious person she has ever encountered.

In 2018, Justin Hansen was sentenced to prison after being charged with assaulting Brittani Marcell with a digging tool at her house in northwest Albuquerque.

The assailant remained unknown to Marcell when she awoke from her lengthy coma until 2017, when she learned his identity. The Appellate Court has finally recognised his solicitation.

Personal Life

Alyssa Hansen’s Instagram account hasn’t been found yet due to a lack of information. Since she and Justin split up, Alyssa has kept her private life a secret. She hasn’t been in the news or in the media since splitting from her better half.

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