Who is Brooke Reyna? All about Jacob Batalon’s girlfriend

Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned in Spider-Man: No Way Home, identified Brooke Reyna as his girlfriend during the film’s promotion. During the Web’s Most Searched Questions Wired interview segment, the 25-year-old Filipino-American actor discussed how he met his partner.

Who is Brooke Reyna? All about Jacob Batalon's girlfriend

Jacob Batalon revealed Brooke’s identity and said the following in response to a Google search inquiry about his girlfriend:


I adore her beyond measure.

The Hawaiian-born actor continued:

“We randomly met on a night out. She seems to have suddenly appeared in my life without much effort on my part. We are now together.”

Who is Brooke Reyna? All about Jacob Batalon's girlfriend

What is known about Brooke Reyna, Jacob Batalon’s girlfriend?

Reyna is unknown, but it’s assumed that she’s close to Jacob Batalan’s age. Over 53,000 people follow Reyna on Instagram, where she goes by the handle b lareina. Her profile on the social e-commerce website Depop makes it clear that she looks to be involved in the e-commerce industry as well.

Who is Brooke Reyna? All about Jacob Batalon's girlfriend

Reyna has a large selection of shoes, handbags, and beachwear on the marketplace, earning her a 5-star rating.

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Relationship between Brooke Reyna and Jacob Batalon

Jacob and Brooke have been dating since the beginning of 2021 or the end of 2020. In March, the pair made their debut in front of the public. The actor from No Way Home uploaded a brief video of himself and Brooke along with the caption:

Britney Spears’ “Alexa Play Lucky” is used.

Who is Brooke Reyna? All about Jacob Batalon's girlfriend

As evidenced by the photos the couple has posted on Instagram, they have been to Disneyland several times. In March and August, Brooke Reyna and Jacob Batalon visited Disneyland. Jacob Batalon claimed in an interview with 1883 Magazine that his partner had urged him to switch to a vegan diet. He disclosed:

“I’ve been cooking a lot of plant-based dishes recently, and my girlfriend has been a big supporter of my decision to become vegan.”

Batalon implied that the two read books together, notably the Johnny B. Truant series by Fat Vampire. Jacob’s Instagram appears to provide glimpses of the couple’s time together, but Brooke Reyna keeps her personal affairs private.

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