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Who is Kenji Francis, why he killed his mom, Tracey Sydnor


Currently, Kenji Francis has been arrested for and charged to court for murdering his mom. Kenji is a resident of Brooklyn. He confessed to the crime when investigations were made. ‘I slit her up,’ he confessed.

Who is Kenji Francis?

Kenji Francis is the son of the late Tracey Sydnor that was murdered in cold blood. Everyone was surprised to hear that she was killed by her own son, Kenji Francis.

Kenji Francis

Prosecutors on Monday said that a Brooklyn young man accused of stabbing his mother, a revered to a neighborhood church pastor, admitted to the crime in frightening words. “I slit her up,” Francis, 40, allegedly told officers who arrived at the family’s East New York home Saturday to discover Tracey Sydnor, 61, lying in a pool of her own blood with wounds all over her face and neck.



Reports reaching the public by authorities alleged that the body of late Brooklyn pastor, Tracey, was found by her brother, who phoned cops to the home on Wyona St. near Livonia Ave., where she had been stabbed at least 15 times.

Francis was still inside the house when the cops arrived, and he was taken into custody. Sydnor was transported to Brookdale University Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

At the home, cops discovered a knife that they suspected was used in the murder. Francis was detained in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Monday, facing murder and weapon possession accusations.

Kenji Francis mom

He was dressed in a red hoodie and blue slacks and remained completely silent during the proceedings. According to police sources, he has no prior offenses or a history of mental illness.

Biography of Kenji Francis

Kenji Francis is a 40 years old man, son to pastor Tracey Sydnor. He is a resident of Brooklyn, USA, and is an American by nationality. The details about the father of Kenji are not available at the moment.

What does Kenji do for a living?

The profession of Kenji Francis is not known at the moment. He is said to have a clean background with no before this.


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