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Who Is Maple Valley’s Kasama Smith? A Jogger Was Killed By A 15-Year-Old Girl In A Hit-and-Run (PHOTO)


Kasama Smith, a 15-year-old Maple Valley young girl, is accused of hitting and killing a runner while trying to “scare” him with her automobile.

Who Is Maple Valley's Kasama Smith? A Jogger Was Killed By A 15-Year-Old Girl In A Hit-and-Run (PHOTO)
kasama smith

The little girl who is accused of killing a jogger in a July strike-and-run incident turned herself in to deputies last week, according to King County investigators.

They have been shifting in reaction to the testimony at a rate of almost 50 miles per hour.

“A loving husband, father, and close friend was taken from Maple Valley way too early,” stated Mitzi G. Johanknecht, sheriff of King County.


Nothing will bring Greg home, but I want to express my sincere gratitude to the MARR detectives who have been working this case nonstop since that July, Johanknecht said.

I also want to express my gratitude to the Maple Valley community for not allowing Greg’s memory to deteriorate.
Who Is Maple Valley’s Kasama Smith?

Kasama Smith is accused of felony hit-and-run and second-degree homicide.

According to criminal documents obtained by Q13 Data, a different passenger in the car told investigators that the defendant said, “I’m going to make him afraid. I’m going to give him a good smack in the face.

We have yet to learn the specifics of her unique life and identify.

Following the disclosure of that information, the godmother went to a SeaTac police station and informed officers that her goddaughter may have been involved in Moore’s hit-and-run death. She gave a deputy the keys to her 2004 Camry.
Who Is Maple Valley’s Kasama Smith? A Jogger Was Killed By A 15-Year-Old Girl In A Hit-and-Run (PHOTO)
When Greg, second from the right, was struck, he was out jogging with his family. Kasama Smith: Is she in custody?

For the strike and function case, Kasama Smith has been suspended and is charged with homicide.

Moore, the target, was seen on the CCTV camera performing at 6:10 a.m.


When police watched the film, they saw another car closely following the Camry that had also blown its horn due of the tip signal, as if the two cars were trying to leave the area as quickly as possible.

According to law police, further security footage shows the two vehicles traveling together on the exact route that Greg was traveling just before he was killed.
Smith, Kasama Parents’ relationships and Facebook

We were unable to locate Kasam Smith’s parents, partner, or other family members for his 15-year-old children.

Since she is a minority, her private information is kept as a response.

What is known is that she slyly stole her godmother’s medicine when she was unaware that she had taken the car.

Kasama might possibly have an elder sister who was originally the intended recipient of the automobile. However, it still needs to be confirmed.

However, we don’t know Kasama’s parents’ names or whereabouts either.

Furthermore, Kasama Smith’s “picture” or any other information that would have been made public through her social media would not be revealed further. It appears that the account might have been canceled as an alternative.

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