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Who is Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin spiritual father?

Omoto Fufeyin is the founder of Mercy City, He is a televangelist, prophet and founding father of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (CMDM) in Warri, Delta state Nigeria. Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has described his glamorous Warri based church as fast becoming a center of global attention. Jeremiah Fufeyin Omoto is 49 years (15 February 1972).

Prophet Jeremiah is one who is popularly recognized to to engage himself in some philanthropist work as part of his Lifestyle and in his church. He is fond of donating cash gifts and food items to less privileged ones, orphans, widows, sick ones and so on. He is also passionate about helping youths within his church and communities.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto is a young vibrant youth pastor and hence, loves associating himself with youths, promoting them and empowering them.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Spiritual Father

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has disclosed that the anointing upon him has made people to liken him with the general overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, late Temitope Balogun Joshua. In this interview, Fufeyin whose church has been in existence for years has shared his ministerial experience, adding that God has been using him for several signs an wonder. Here’s what he had to say about his relationship with TB Joshua.

Some people call you T.B Joshua’s first son and a portrait of yourself and Joshua was presented to you in church but in a recent interview, you told reporters that Dr. Olukoya is your mentor? Is TB Joshua your real spiritual father?

Spiritual fathers are those you choose to be your spiritual father. A spiritual father is not who you force to be a spiritual father.


How do you choose your spiritual father?

Maybe you encounter the man always in your dream that what he is doing for you is okay. Number two, you have a problem that cannot be solved by any other person on earth. You take it to a spiritual father, he solves it, you can chose him as your spiritual father.

Many people do not know the meaning of spiritual father. A spiritual father is a person you love and you begin to follow up.

When I started, some people called me Warri T.B Joshua, Niger Delta T.B Joshua, Delta T.B Joshua, Ijaw T.B Joshua. The anointing starting from MFM but the man Olukoya, I never met him one on one. But when the story started the people from MFM fasted and prayed.

From there they got to know the truth. Olukoya never touched my head or oiled my hands and said, ‘go, do like this.’

He doesn’t know me one on one. Only that with what is happening here, he might know me. He must have heard the story. Now the man called T.B Joshua. I love the man and what he is doing. At a point the Lord said I should go on dry fasting for 21 days. On the 19 day, I died and work up the following day.

A man who followed me in the dry fasting from Isoko broke his fast and died. He is the General overseer of his church. The picture is in the office. That process I turned to skeleton. I looked like an HIV patient. The man that died ate solid food immediately after the fast. It is not allowed when you go on a long fasting.

All the great men of God I love them. I love anyone who calls on God.

During my fast, all the great men of God appeared to me. Dr. Olukoye appeared and taught me things of God. Papa Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Chris, Kumuyi, all of them and they taught me things but by the time of T.B Joshua, he appeared like physically and he taught me things. 10 times, he appeared to me.

When I returned from the mountain, I began to love the man. T.B Joshua himself called me and we spoke. He said people have mailed him the world over asking him to bring that his son in Warri to Lagos, that they want to see him. He then asked me why I love him and I told him what I’m telling you. When the building collapsed in Lagos, I paid a visit.

We have people who have direct calling, some others through somebody. Moses was called directly, Elijah directly. Samuel was with Eli but he was called directly, God mentioned his name. David was called indirectly. He was called through Samuel.

After God struck Paul with blindness, he was instructed to go to Ananias to lay hands on him. No man has touched my head and say go and establish. I love T.B Joshua and took him as my spiritual father; so also Oluykoya. You can chose two spiritual fathers. It is your heart. People have seen the way I conduct deliverance and other things and concluded that why. That is why.

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