Why are Crocs popular now – Everything you need to know

Why are Crocs popular

There happens to be a craze for Crocs these days. Remember when crocs were considered ugly and only worn by doctors on call? Well, gone are those days because crocs are now so common and almost everyone wants to have a pair.
Are you wondering Why are Crocs popular now? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Why are Crocs popular now

1. Collaboration With Celebrities

Naturally, whatever celebrities wear or use becomes popular; they use their influence to advertise them to the world. Many celebrities now have their own crocs line. The most popular among them is Justin Bieber.


2. Unconventional Shoes Are Trendy

With Kanye West’s intergalactic shoes becoming a thing, crocs have followed suit. Somehow weird things grab more attention than beautiful things.

Why are Crocs popular

3. They Are Comfortable

Crocs are very comfortable. They fit perfectly and allow you walk without any disturbance or pain.

4. Crocs Adds More Variety To Your Collection Of Footwears

There are crocs slippers, sandals and other varieties of crocs. The splash of colour and the different designs makes it more attractive.

5. Customising Crocs

You can now customise your crocs and add as many accessories as you like. The process of customising something makes it even more special and that makes many people want to get one.

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Facts about Why Crocs are popular in 2022

Crocs first debuted in 2002 at a Florida boat show. Now, near its 20th anniversary, the brand has never been better off — or more ubiquitous.

Crocs which launched in 2002 by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr., Crocs began after the two had learned of an antimicrobial resin foam developed by a company called Foam Creations. They made use of the newly-developed injection-moulded foam to make their first shoe, it was a waterproof boat shoe design named the Beach.

They showcased the shoe at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and sold through 200 units they’d produced at the time. The shoes was widely accepted and have since sold hundreds of millions globally.

Crocs had In 2008, just as the last recession began, lost a reported sum of $185M, reduced approximately 2,000 jobs and shutdown dozens of their stores. This however, left the company with hundreds of thousands of surplus stock and many thought that this spelled the end of the brand. But, Crocs eventually bounced back.

Time and time again, Crocs seems to buoy back to the surface, and not just financially. From the beginning, the shoes have had a loyal following thanks to their comfort and functionality.

The year’s since Crocs’ introduction, the brand has withstood a gauntlet of ridicule and fashion hazing only to nab coveted collaborations with high-profile brands like Balenciaga, Pleasures, Beams and even KFC, to be regarded as a modern-day classic, a story not dissimilar to Birkenstock.

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