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Why God Blessed The House of Obededom

Numbers 23:19 has established that God is not a man that he should tell lies or change his mind when he has spoken because he has given his word as a covenant and promised to bless his people as long as they obey his commandments. The blessing of Obed-edom by God as recorded in the Bible is indeed a lesson to every child of God. No matter a person’s race, background, or gender, as long as they fear him and uphold justice, God will welcome them because he has no regard for human distinctions (Acts 10:34).

I want you to know that according to Scripture, the ark remained in the home of Abinadab for twenty years without any mention of God blessing them (1 Samuel 7:1-2), but when the ark entered the home of Obededom, he was blessed—even though the text of Scripture does not specifically state why.,
However, I want to share with you some verses from the Bible that explain why God blessed him.

Why God Blessed The House of Obededom
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Here are seven reasons why God was pleased with obedience.

  1. He was a good man. God will bless the virtuous and surround him with favor as a shield, according to Psalm 5:12. According to the Bible passage above, if he wasn’t acting in accordance with God’s law, God wouldn’t bless him. Therefore, to be righteous means to do what is right and acceptable in God’s eyes.
  2. Obededom was a trustworthy manager. According to 1Corinthians 4:20, a man must be found to be a faithful steward because God always rewards it. Obededom demonstrated this by keeping the ark of God entrusted to his charge.
  3. He reverenced God. According to Job 28:28 and Proverb 3:7, the fear of God is wisdom, which means that he is wise and has turned away from evil, in contrast to Uzzah, who erred by touching the ark with his hand just as it was about to fall. God views any act against his commandment as evil because he has said that no one should touch the ark. Psalm 112:1 states that the man who fears the Lord will be blessed.
  4. In front of God, he becomes contrite. According to Matthew 5:5, God favors the meek (Contemporary English version). In addition, God grants grace to the humble but resists the proud, according to James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5: If Obededom had been arrogant, God would have opposed him, but instead he was raised (blessed) in due course (within three months that the ark was on his house).
  5. He maintains order in his home and instills a fear of the Lord in them (1Timothy 3:4). God blessed him and everything he owned, according to Proverb 3:33, so he leads his home with absolute gravity and, like Abraham, commands his family to reverence God and follow his commandments (Genesis 18:19).
  6. He made God happy. According to Hebrews 11:6, we cannot please God without faith; therefore, Obededom had confidence in the God of Israel and kept his laws.
  7. He lives up to his words ( he kept the commandment of God). Anyone who examines the law of liberty and accomplishes the task required by the law, without forgetting what he has been taught, in accordance with James 1:25, will be blessed in his acts.

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