Why is Wizkid called Machala? Everything you need to know

Machala Meaning and Why is Wizkid called Machala: In simple terms, Machala is a word used to refer to someone or something of great importance and significance and also possessing great influence and has attained great achievements amongst in life. When you identify as a Machala, you are saying you are like a ‘Lion’, ‘a king’ or ‘a boss’ who commands respect wherever you are.

Why is Wizkid called Machala?

Wizkid is often called Machala by his fans because of his dynamic achievements and global status. “Machala” translates to mean “Lion”, “King” “Man of the People”, and a synonym of “Odogwu”. It all points to the fact that Wizkid is a great man hugely appreciated by his fan base.

Why is wizkid called Machala

Machala Lyrics Meaning by Carterefe

Carterefe a Nigerian Instagram artist and comedian sang Machala in honour of Wizkid. Carterefe supposedly met Wizkid in Ghana and this inspired him to write a song about him.

To Carterefe, Machala is an ode to Wizkid to praise him for how big he is and how far he has come.

Also, it also describes the great level of impact Nigerian musicians are making and how successful they are financially.

Observing Machala lyrics, you’ll realize that it aims at praising Wizkid as one of the greatest music star in the Nigerian music scene and has become the first individual to dedicate a whole song to him.


See what thescoove.africa has to say about Carterefe’s Machala.


This song is relatable in ways that it sounds catchy and it is a song of adulation and credit to Wizkid. I mean, we know they also did it to get streams from Wizkid fans, but the song is relatable in some ways.

Machala lyrics meaning for one, gives Wizkid the much needed respect on the song and how it has given them the needed energy to make their debut.

Also, Machala lyrics talk about how they want to “focus” like Wizkid and go global. They “don’t want to like any girl” because girls are obviously distractions and they need to be like Wizkid- The Machala.

Also, these guys sound like a mashup of Zinoleesky and Rema, weird…


Carterefe and Berri Tiga deliver this song and that’s what makes it more enjoyable apart from the lyrics.

Their delivery on this song is spanking, and it really helps the song. It increases the relay value of the song and inspires us to listen to the song as many times as we can.


This writer is trying very badly to find a flaw with this song. However, Machala lyrics, as well as its delivery, makes this song sound like a jam.

True, it was made with Wizkid’s name, but it honestly sounds so good it might be a Wizkid song. The dancehall influence on this song is mad….


Delivery: 1.5/2
Lyricism: 1.4/2
Relatability: 1.3/2
Mixing and Production: 1.5/2
Replay Value: 1.6/2
Total: 7.3/10

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