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William Wolf Howey-Meet Sarah Shahi Son and His Life As a Star Kid


The first child of The L World actress Sarah Shahi and Shameless actor Steve Howey is named William Wolf Howey. Wolf, now 13, was conceived in 2009, five months after his parents’ wedding.

William Wolf Howey-Meet Sarah Shahi Son and His Life As a Star Kid

It goes without saying that William has always been in the spotlight because he comes from a family of actors. The young teen frequently participates in important occasions like movie premieres with his parents.

In addition, William’s parents’ connection produced the twins Knox Blue and Violet Moon. So, now you know everything there is to know about William. Let’s look more closely!

William Wolf Howey’s age: He is Sarah and Steve’s first child.


The eldest, William Wolf Howey, was born on July 8, 2009, to actors Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey, weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Sarah gave birth to her son at home. He will be 13 in 2022.
On July 8, William Wolf celebrates his birthday.
William with his mother Sarah, his sisters Violet and Knox, and From Instagram.

William Wolf Howey-Meet Sarah Shahi Son and His Life As a Star Kid

Speaking of her ancestry, the star child has Scottish ancestry on his father’s side and Persian ancestry on his mother’s. Longtime acting coach and director Bill Howey was William’s paternal grandfather.

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HIS identical twins

Along with his identical twins Violet Moon Howey and Knox Blue Howey, who were born on March 1, 2015, Wolf grew up with them. The twins’ births took place at home as well. William was born when Sarah was 29 years old, and the twins were born when she was 35.

William Wolf Howey-Meet Sarah Shahi Son and His Life As a Star Kid

Shahi originally opposed having children, despite the fact that she now has three of her own. In a conversation, Sarah stated:

I was raised by a single parent. Additionally, I had a poor example of what a spouse, a father, and how careless a father could be. I decided not to get married or have children as a result.

William’s parents are also actors.

Wolf’s parents are successful performers, as was already noted. Speaking about his father Steve Howey, the actor achieved success in the WB comedy Reba as Van Montgomery.

Then he appeared in the action movie Supercross with Channing Tatum, Sophia Bush, and Mike Vogel. Later, he showed up in Still Waiting. Conception, Making Babies, Unleashed, Wrong Cops, Stan Helsing, and many others.

Moving on to his mother’s professional accomplishments, Shahi started her acting career in the early 2000s. Later, she appeared in small roles in movies and TV shows like Old School, City Guys, Spin City, and Boston Public.

In the NBC series Life, Sarah received her first major main role as homicide detective Dani Reese. Later, she made appearances in Chicago Fire, Facing Kate (now known as Fairly Legal), and other films.
Parents of Wolf Steve and Sarah were wed for eleven years.

The CW television series Reba, in which Howey played one of the stars, Van Montgomery, is where Steve and Sarah first got to know one another. The two quickly developed chemistry. In June 2007, five years after beginning their relationship, they also became engaged. They were on vacation in Hawaii when they got engaged.

The former husband and wife said “I do” on February 7, 2009, during a private wedding ceremony.

The couple’s grounds for filing for divorce.

In May 2020, while everything was going smoothly, Shahi requested a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Their hectic schedules, as many people anticipated, are one of the primary causes of their divorce.

Steve mentioned the following in an interview with Talk Nerdy To Us:

We were just like any other marriage, my wife and I. We spent all of our time with one other. We would take a vacation, eat ice cream, watch a movie, and do anything we pleased. Then, everything vanished after we had the kids, which was incredibly difficult.

He further added,

We were both working actors, so we were also extremely exhausted. When we came home, the only energy we had left was for the kids, not for each other. We went through it, and I mean, it almost caused us to split up. We came to the conclusion that everything was seriously messed up and wasn’t the same. since we weren’t used to it and it was difficult.

Additionally, Howey made comparisons between his real-life marriage and his fictional marriage, both of which had a lot of the same marital issues.
Parents Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi of William Wolf Howey
After 11 years of marriage, Steve and Sarah divorced in 2021. From Instagram

Their divorce was officially formalized on January 29, 2021, according to reports. The three children of the ex-couple are shared equally in joint custody.

Who Is Shahi Mother of William Wolf Dating?

His mother Shahi has already discovered a new love of her life after getting divorced. She is presently seeing her co-star from “Sex/Life,” Adam Demos.

William Wolf Howey-Meet Sarah Shahi Son and His Life As a Star Kid

Several months after her divorce from her ex-husband in 2020, the couple reportedly first met on the set of the Netflix series Sex/Life.
Sarah, the mother of William, and Adam Demos, her new love
Adam and Sarah are now dating. From Instagram

On their social media accounts, the couple posts images of one another frequently. Shahi shared a sweet picture of her and Adam on Adam’s birthday in 2021 along with a heartfelt statement,

“I don’t really see how two individuals on opposite sides of the globe could share more, were meant to meet, or were meant to be together. But I am certain that I found my true love. I’m aware that I am extremely appreciative of him. I have loved him for a million lives and will continue to adore him for a million lifetimes. Greetings on your birthday, @adam demos. ”

William Wolf Howey-Meet Sarah Shahi Son and His Life As a Star Kid

However, William’s father doesn’t talk much about his personal life. Steve hasn’t made any relationships public since he and his ex-wife split up.
William Wolf Howey’s Net Worth

A profession of one’s own at the age of 13 is fairly young.

He is likely concentrating on his studies because he is currently in junior high.

In terms of his father, Howey is thought to be worth $2 million. His acting job is the primary source of his wealth.
Steve Howey and his father William Wolf Howey
Steve, William’s father, and William are on vacation in Big Bear, California. From Instagram

In addition, Sarah, his mother, has a $3 million net worth as of 2022. Her primary source of income is acting as well.

Instagram profiles

On none of his social media accounts, Wolf is active. But he frequently joins his siblings on his father’s Instagram account, @stevehowey. As of 2022, his father Steve had over 352.1k followers on Twitter and over 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

His mother Sarah currently has over 229.9k followers on Twitter and over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.


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