Willow Smith ass revealed in skimpy skirt (photos)

Willow Smith ass was stylishly revealed to fans in a short skirt photo. The 21-year-old singer backed the camera to reveal her backside, while giving the middle finger.

“I’m a piece of shit,” she captioned the photos.


See below. 

Willow Smith ass
Willow Smith ass

Willow Smith began her acting career back in 2007. It was three years later that she joined the music Industry to showcase her music talent. So far, she has pulled so much attention on social media, earning her over 10.6 million followers on Instagram alone. She now regard herself as a legend. Watch one of her live performance here:

Willow Smith opens up about relationship with father Will Smith

Willow Smith has recently in 2023 opened up about her relationship with her father Will Smith in a new interview with The Guardian. The 21year-old singer, the youngest child of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. When she was asked about the incident at the Oscars, in which her dad slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about her mom, Jada, Willow simply replied saying, “I love my dad.”

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She added: “My mom and dad are my best friends. They are both wonderful people. I love them not just because they are my parents but because they are Will and Jada, who have their own beautiful, complex and amazing minds and hearts.”

Willow said that, at the family dinner table, “my dad is definitely the one cracking the jokes”, adding: “The kids are a little more subdued, a little more chill. My dad is the most hyper of all of us. That’s why he’s amazing, because he has endless energy. My mom and me and my brothers are a lot more emo and thoughtful about things.”

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